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Dell Runs the Gauntlet to Achieve Its Goal of Going Public

December 27, 2018 / Jessica Lyons Hardcastle

It took Michael Dell 12 months of battling shareholders — and ultimately paying them about $14 billion. But assuming all goes smoothly over the next 24 hours, on Friday Dell Technologies, the largest privately held tech company, will once again become a public company. For Dell Technologies, 2018 was filled with rumors and speculation about the on-again, off-again talk of merging with VMware and filing an initial public offering (IPO). Ultimately, Michael Dell found a way to take his company public without a formal IPO and more tightly integrate its offerings with VMware, which is arguably the crown jewel of Dell Technologies’ brand portfolio. And SDxCentral has been covering it from the start. Here’s a look back at all the Dell drama in 2018.