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Dell partners with Secureworks and CrowdStrike on endpoint security offering

February 04, 2019 / SecurityBrief EMEA

Cybercriminals are continuously shifting their attack techniques to better target endpoints. As more than one-third (39%) of cyber attacks are now non-malware based, adversaries can exploit gaps in traditional antimalware solutions used in isolation. Considering 50% of organisations also have insufficient endpoint or network visibility during incident response engagements, it’s clear many businesses are injecting ineffective security tools into their environments, ultimately adding complexity without directly addressing the problem. These disconnected solutions require ongoing diligence and expert resources to analyse a multitude of security alerts and identify compromised devices. Yet, with the growing cybersecurity skills gap, businesses don’t have the resources needed to manage their security infrastructure effectively. To help organisations address these challenges, Dell is introducing Dell SafeGuard and Response, a portfolio of next-generation endpoint security solutio...