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Data localisation push may impact innovation: SAP

December 04, 2018 / Ayan Pramanik

Business software major SAP said a push for data localisation in India may affect innovation but the company was open to hosting applications on local servers if the government insists. Bernd Leukert, head of product innovation, SAP, said a regulatory mandate to store data on business transactions locally would cost the company dearer and if the government insists it has to store information locally. “I think it has massive impact because while years ago access to information was a problem because a lot of it was not digitised, distribution of information took much longer, now with digitisation of information whenever it is created it can be accessed from a technology perspective. What is regulation doing, I call it a modern way of politics. Government says if you want to do business in my country the data has to be stored in a local data centre, that leads to the fact that where technology  ..