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Comcast Leads Trellis, an Open Source Data Center Switching Fabric

December 06, 2018 / Linda Hardesty

At the Open Networking Foundation (ONF) Connect event this week, Ron Howald, VP of network architecture at Comcast, copped to the fact that Google forced service providers such as Comcast to find ways to deliver faster internet speeds. “Google had quite a bit to do with setting the bar when they started with Google Fiber,” said Howald. It’s generally agreed that was Google’s diabolical scheme all along. In 2011, the search giant created a ton of buzz about laying super-fast fiber in a few markets to compete with incumbent service providers. Then, after only a few years, Google’s parent company Alphabet put Google Fiber expansion plans on hold. It still provides service in the cities where it is already installed. But Google’s brief competition did light a fire under other service providers, at least in some markets AT ONF Connect, Howald said, “We have to do things differently than we have been doing them for many years. It’s not a busine...