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Cisco Sees a Promising Future for 5G Combined With Wi-Fi 6

March 08, 2019 / SDxCentral

While 5G was the big story at MWC Barcelona, Cisco officials believe 5G is just half of the story. The vendor argues that 5G should work in combination with Wi-Fi 6 to truly revolutionize wireless connectivity. Cisco set out part of its view in a recent blog, stating that Wi-Fi 6 “will dramatically improve the wireless experience and it will enable new use cases that weren’t possible before.” The Wi-Fi 6 standard is expected to receive approval from the Wi-Fi Alliance later this year. In an interview with SDxCentral, Greg Dorai, Cisco’s vice president of wireless product management for enterprise networking, went even further: “Practically, both [5G and Wi-Fi 6] in combination will address all device use cases.”