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Bulk Infrastructure Takes On Climate Change With Launch Of 7,200Km On-Ramp Nordic Gateway

June 24, 2019 / João Marques Lima

Project comes months after data centres were warned about ignoring the risks associated with not playing their part in the fight against climate change. Norway-based IT infrastructure provider Bulk Infrastructure has launched The Nordic Gateway, an on-ramp solution into the Havfrue Cable System, stretching 7,200 kilometres from New Jersey to the Nordic countries of Denmark and Norway. The project enables data centre operators to access power produced by hydroplants located in the Nordic region, in what is the industry’s latest attempt to curb carbon emissions. The Havfrue cable system is the first to cross the North-Atlantic Ocean in more than two decades and will enable significant inter-regional capacity and connectivity between the U.S. and Europe. Havfrue subsea cable system connects USA to the Nordics: The new HAVFRUE subsea cable will be ready for service in the fourth quarter of 2019. With Bulk`s exclusive ownership to the Norwegian branch of the cable system, Bulk control...