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BlueData Throws Kubernetes at Stateful Storage Challenges

July 17, 2018 / Dan Meyer

BlueData launched an open source project to tackle the challenges of deploying and managing distributed stateful applications using Kubernetes. The moves are targeted at large-scale applications like analytics, data science, machine learning, and deep learning applications for artificial intelligence (AI) and big data use cases. The overarching work is called the BlueK8s initiative. (K8s is the shorthand version for Kubernetes.) The first open source project within BlueK8s is the Kubernetes Director (KubeDirector). om Phelan, co-founder and chief architect at BlueData, noted in a blog post that the work fills in current support gaps. He explained that the Kubernetes ecosystem has developed some projects like the Operator Framework, Helm, and Kubeflow for managing distributed stateful applications. However, they lack the enterprise-level capabilities to support more robust application sets.