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Bloomberg Chose Apstra’s Network Monitoring for Its London Broadcast Facility

January 10, 2019 / Linda Hardesty

Apstra’s intent-based data center automation technology is being used by Bloomberg Television at its new broadcast facility in London. This seems kind of unusual given that Apstra’s software is primarily used in data centers. But Apstra CEO Mansour Karam said in an email to SDxCentral that Bloomberg built a leaf/spine data center network to power its media production at the facility. Bloomberg’s IT infrastructure connects the building’s central studio, three other broadcast positions around the building, two recording studios, a photography studio, three control rooms, and all of the company’s production equipment. This IP data network includes more than 90 network nodes connecting more than 4,000 network ports. And the components of the network come from multiple vendors. Bloomberg’s network engineers are using Apstra’s software to gain visibility across the network fabric supporting the building’s media production systems. Apstra’...