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AT&T’s 5G network goes live in 12 cities — but you can’t use it yet

December 18, 2018 / Jacob Kastrenakes

AT&T says its 5G network went live in parts of 12 cities this morning, making it the first wireless carrier to launch a mobile network based on the 5G standard. A small number of customers will be able to use the network starting on Friday when AT&T will begin distributing its first 5G device: a mobile hot spot that can connect to the network’s much faster airwaves. But it’ll be a slow launch; you won’t be able to go out to a store and buy AT&T’s 5G hot spot for several more months. For now, AT&T is reaching out to businesses in the area and inviting them to try out the new tech, seemingly as a way to ease in the network and make sure it’s working well before bringing more and more people onto the service. AT&T won’t charge customers for the hot spot or their 5G service during this launch period. Sometime in the spring, AT&T will begin selling the hot spot for $499. AT&T is also announcing the price of its first 5G plan: $...