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AT&T Boasts Of Cutting-Edge Consumer 5G, Hits 1.5Gbps Download Speeds

February 11, 2019 / Mark Real

AT&T recently conducted a new 5G test that allowed compatible devices to experience download speeds of around 1.5Gbps. While carriers have already performed many 5G trials in the past, this test differs from earlier experiments since it was done on the carrier’s commercial 5G network running on a millimeter wave spectrum.Before the carrier tests network enhancements on its commercial 5G infrastructure, AT&T first examines the upgrades inside the laboratory. Within a few hours after inspecting the updates in a controlled environment, AT&T may then deploy the upgrade on a part of its commercial network. After testing the performance enhancements within the laboratory and on the field, the service provider will then compare the performance differences between the two settings. Once the carrier is satisfied with the network enhancements, it may now start rolling out the update across its commercial service.