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AppDynamics Unveils Central Nervous System Platform For AIOps Era

January 23, 2019 / Ali Longwell

AppDynamics, a Cisco company, today unveiled a new platform that will unite all the areas of its application monitoring business. It also helps the company position itself with an AIOps mindset — using artificial intelligence (AI) to automate IT operations — to navigate the challenges of modern environments. The platform, deemed the Central Nervous System, is propped up by three pillars — visibility, insight, and action — according to Matt Chotin, the senior director of technology strategy at AppDynamics. “Technology environments are getting too large and too dynamic to manage manually,” he said, referencing IoT, multi-cloud, and containers. “IT needs to change and adopt an AIOps mindset to navigate this challenge. We view AIOps as a philosophy that values prediction over reaction, answers over investigation, and action over analysis.” The Central Nervous System, aptly named after the human central nervous system, is an extensible, open p...