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Ampere Targets Hyperscalers, Challenges Intel With Arm-Based Chips

December 07, 2018 / Jessica Lyons Hardcastle

In a little over a year since former Intel president Renee James founded Ampere Computing, the semiconductor startup has released its first Arm-based data center chip and is on track to roll out its 7nm chip next year. It’s also partnering with Packet, Cloudflare, and other companies on 5G and edge computing proof of concepts (PoCs). “We’re involved in a bunch of PoCs in this space,” said Matt Taylor, Ampere’s SVP of world-wide sales and business development. “We want to learn the application space, what the workloads are, and build a product that is more targeted for what those customers and deployments need. Cloudflare has done a lot of public work around Arm, and they are arguably one of the largest edge companies today. That’s another good example of a customer moving rapidly toward Arm servers at the edge.” It’s been a pretty rapid ascent for the Silicon Valley startup. Ampere’s first Arm-based processor, announced in Sep...