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Aerospike Runs Hybrid Flash/DRAM Database on Intel Optane

December 14, 2018 / Chris Preimesberger

Hybrid flash/DRAM database maker Aerospike, which provides a super-fast new-gen alternative to standard databases, on Dec. 13 launched Aerospike Enterprise Edition 4.5, optimized for Intel Optane DC persistent memory. Aerospike Enterprise Edition 4.5 is the first commercially available open database that supports both traditional DRAM memory and new Intel Optane DC persistent memory. This is a new class of memory and storage technology architected specifically for data-intensive applications that require extremely low latency, high durability and strong data consistency. Aerospike’s open database architecture means that it natively supports a variety of enterprise application environments, including Java, .NET, Node.js, Python, Go and other popular programming languages. Intel Optane DC persistent memory is currently available in beta from multiple cloud service providers and hardware vendors. Users can run the Aerospike database in the cloud, on premises or both, the company sai...