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A Tale of Two Turnarounds: Juniper and Symantec’s Enterprise Security Stories

March 08, 2019 / SDxCentral

Everyone wants to tell (and sell) their security story at RSA Conference. But two in particular stood out, in part, for their business turnarounds: Juniper Networks and Symantec. Both companies are betting big on an open, integrated platform approach to security. This approach isn’t unique to Juniper and Symantec — and indeed everyone from Google’s sister company Chronicle to the newly launched AT&T Cybersecurity division seemed to be preaching a similar message at RSA this year. What’t different about Juniper and Symantec is that they’ve been both steadily adding partners and integrations over the past few years. And now those investments appear to be paying off as the two legacy enterprise vendors look to have crossed the chasm from old school security to next-gen infrastructure.