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CloudBees, Google and Linux Foundation launch Continuous Delivery Foundation

March 12, 2019 / Cloud Computing News

Meet the Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF), a new offshoot of the Linux Foundation which will aim to develop, nurture and promote open source projects and best practices around continuous delivery. The CDF is being led by CloudBees, the arbiters of open source automation server Jenkins, and includes the Jenkins Community, Google, and the Linux Foundation itself as collaborators. Alongside Jenkins, CloudBees wanted to find a home for a newer flavour, Jenkins X, which aims to automate continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) in the cloud. This time last year, at the time of its launch, various elements were cited in its launch, from more higher-performing DevOps teams to the near-ubiquity of Kubernetes. “All of this adds up to an increased demand for teams to have a solution for cloud native CI/CD with lots of automation,” wrote James Strachan, distinguished engineer at CloudBees.