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Addressing cloud sprawl: Combining security best practices with business foundations

March 13, 2019 / Cloud Computing News

The rate of cloud adoption has been nothing short of remarkable. According to IDG, 90% of organisations will have some portion of their applications or infrastructure running in the cloud this year, with the rest expected to follow suit by 2021. And while most organisations currently run more than half (53%) of their business on traditional networks, IDG also predicts that this will drop to less than a third (31%) within the next year or so. The largest segment of the cloud market is IaaS. Forrester forecasts that the six largest public cloud providers (Alibaba, AWS, Azure, Google, IBM, and Oracle) will only grow larger in 2019, while Goldman-Sachs also predicts that they will consolidate IaaS, controlling 84% of the market within the next year.