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On the road to 5G: upgrading the transport network

February 06, 2019 / RCRWireless News

The dawn of 5G means the way we get, experience and manage information will change, putting user experience front and center. To enable services in each of the three 5G primary use cases identified by the 3GPP—eMBB, URLLC and mMTC—network operators must dramatically transform their networks. While getting ready to launch new 5G services, operators must continue to strengthen their 4G networks. All this makes for a delicate balancing act as service portfolios and product mixes change and evolve. Transport networks need important upgrades to support new service offerings and applications promised by 5G. Increased network capacity, stricter latency and improved flexibility to manage different types of traffic and varying capacity requirements are required. All that must be accomplished while optimizing costs—CAPEX and OPEX.