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Ericsson launches new solutions to address larger IoT market

January 31, 2019 / ET Telecom

Swedish gear maker Ericsson on Thursday launched new solutions to enable service providers to address a larger part of the IoT market. The solutions would cater to use cases across verticals including automotive, manufacturing, and utilities. The company has further outlined cellular IoT evolution in four market segments including massive IoT, broadband IoT, critical IoT, and industrial automation IoT. Two of these segments are new – broadband IoT and industrial automation IoT. Ericsson in a news release said that the company is launching enhanced functionalities for massive IoT and new solutions for broadband IoT. One example of massive IoT enhancement is the NB-IoT extended cell range 100km, which stretches the standards-based limit from around 40km to 100km through software updates without changes to existing NB-IoT devices, the statement mentioned.