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DMaaS Growth is Set to Outpace DCIM in 2019

January 21, 2019 / Data Center Frontier

As data center management solutions mature to meet evolving infrastructure needs, organizations are challenged with allocating time, money and resources to upgrading their data center infrastructure with the goal of achieving operational efficiency. While existing data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solutions give IT teams insight into temperature, airflow, humidity, power consumption, security among other factors, data center management as a service – or DMaaS, for short – has emerged as the cloud-based, analytical powerhouse of data center monitoring with several providers beginning to bring this new platform to market. When deciding between upgrading your on-premise data center monitoring solution to DMaaS, it is often unclear how this still emerging tool differs from DCIM. The key to understanding the differences between these two solutions is recognizing that they are similar in objective but different in approach.