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AWS Sells Hardware to Enterprises to Use in Their Private Data Centers

November 29, 2018 / Linda Hardesty

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is stretching its tentacles into the on-premises data center even more, offering the same kind of hardware it uses in its own data centers. Wednesday at AWS re:Invent, it said that it would offer configurable compute and storage hardware for customers to run in their private data centers. The new offering — AWS Outposts — will also help customers connect their on-premises environments to AWS’ services in the public cloud. AWS is partnering with VMware for Outposts. This is an extension of their ongoing relationship. In 2017, the two companies introduced VMware Cloud on AWS, which was touted as a way for VMware customers to run their workloads in the public cloud using their existing VMware software stack. AWS CEO Andy Jassy said the company created Outposts because it got consistent feedback from customers that they didn’t like the existing hybrid solutions in the market. Outposts will give them compute and storage on premises and conne...