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CenturyLink Dove Into NFV Early Because of a Profitable Business Case

December 03, 2018 / Linda Hardesty

Back in 2013, CenturyLink was a regional voice and internet provider. Not exactly the most likely candidate to be an early pioneer in NFV. But at that point, the company wanted to launch a network firewall system. And it turned out that the best business case for the new offering was a virtualized firewall. This paved the way for CenturyLink to adopt other network virtualization services, making the phone company a leader in SDN and NFV. Since then, CenturyLink has purchased Level 3, which also had network virtualization experience. And the combined company now offers global business services, such as SD-WAN. Bill Walker, director of network architecture and innovation with CenturyLink, said there are three business cases for NFV. The worst business case is for new technology that is not directly revenue generating. The second is to replace some existing technology with NFV. “Until you get your money out of existing investments, you’re not going to replace anything that doe...