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VMware Tech Prevents Cyberattacks Across Texas School Districts

November 29, 2018 / Jessica Lyons Hardcastle

VMware’s technology prevented at least two cybersecurity breaches across 77 school districts in Texas. “As far as servers where it was noticeable, we had two additional instances where a user clicked on something they shouldn’t,” said Rory Peacock, deputy executive director of technology service for Texas’s Education Service Center Region 11. Since the education service center deployed VMware, “it’s a whole lot easier to sleep at night,” he added. ESC Region 11 is one of 20 education service centers across Texas that provide technical assistance, professional development, and educational programs management. Region 11 is one of the largest ones, covering 10 counties in North Texas. It’s responsible for nearly 600,000 students across 77 public school districts and 66 charter campuses. It also serves 70,699 educators. Peacock’s team of 30 provides IT services to this region, which is roughly the size of Massachusetts. “We ...