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Expanding SDN Skillsets: Keeping Up With Demand

November 26, 2018 / Michael Vizard

Network engineers with software-defined networking (SDN) expertise may be in hot demand but their annual compensation isn’t reflecting that. The latest networking salary data from PayScale, a provider of compensation research, finds the average salary for a network engineer with SDN skills is $105,119. That compares to $97,492 for a tier two networking engineer. Salary levels may vary widely based on supply and demand and the cost of living in a particular city. But in a world where compensation drives behavior, it appears that network engineers with SDN skills are only receiving an extra $7,627 in compensation per year. In theory, that gap between network engineers with SDN skills and those that continue to rely on command line interfaces (CLIs) should be much wider. The shift to SDN is now entering its second decade. But the transition to a more agile network management approach has been uneven at best. One of the primary reasons for the slow transition is the lack of available...