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Cisco Study Finds Enterprises Racing Toward ‘Preemptive’ IT

November 01, 2018 / Jessica Lyons Hardcastle

A new Cisco study finds that 68 percent of respondents expect to increase their IT budget in the next 12 months to spend more on optimizing and remediating IT operations, including policy, data collection, data analysis, and automation. Currently only 28 percent of IT budgets are directed toward these activities. And this investment is paying off, according to respondents who report a wide range of benefits as a direct result of this investment. For example, 88 percent said their investment in IT operations over the past 12 months had improved external customer satisfaction and 89 percent noted improvements in innovation. “IT is moving from a cost center to a profit center and is really being viewed in a broader, more strategic light,” said Joseph Bradley, global vice president, IoT, Blockchain, AI and Incubation Business at Cisco.