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T-Mobile, Sprint Talk 5G as Rivals Launch

October 31, 2018 / Dan Meyer

T-Mobile US and Sprint were both short on new 5G details during the release of their most recent quarterly results, even though the technology has become more important now that their larger rivals have either launched or are set to launch 5G services.T-Mobile CEO John Legere told investors during the company’s third quarter results conference call that it remains on track to deploy 5G equipment in six of the nation’s 10 largest markets by the end of the year. However, there was no mention of commercial availability of that network beyond it being ready for the introduction of 5G smartphones in 2019. The carrier does remain committed to taking that 5G network nationwide using standards-based 5G equipment in 2020. And Legere used that fact to take a shot at Verizon’s current 5G deployment that relies on a non-standards-based technology.