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Retail, advertising and marketing are furthest on the road to hybrid cloud

October 02, 2018 / James Bourne

Every industry is moving towards a hybrid cloud world – with retail, advertising and marketing making the biggest push. That’s the key finding from a new report by container and cloud technology provider Mesosphere. The study, which focused its responses on more than 700 Mesosphere users, found that almost two thirds (64%) of retail and eCommerce respondents polled said they had hybrid environments. This is considerably more than advertising, marketing and PR (42%) and IT consulting (40%), which came next in the list. The lowest performing industry is education, with only one in five (21%) proffering hybrid. Not one respondent in the healthcare industry said they had a primarily cloud-based stack; 71% were on-prem and 29% had hybrid. For education, 64% have wholly cloud and only 14% were on-premise. “Healthcare is going straight from on-prem to hybrid and skipping cloud-only altogether. This is likely due to the size of the data and confidentiality requirements,&rdquo...