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Staying competitive and resilient in a multi-cloud world ​​​​​​​

September 03, 2018 / Chris Fielding

Today’s businesses don’t have it easy. They are constantly challenged to stay resilient during a time of unprecedented disruption, change, and unforeseen adversity. That means ensuring critical applications and data are always available, to keep the business ticking along no matter what may be thrown at it. With cyber attacks on the rise and more employees choosing flexible working practices, that becomes increasingly difficult. Having the right IT infrastructure in place to help face this challenge is vital for business resilience. It is for that reason that businesses are looking at how digital technologies can help transform their operations, practices, working environment and security. It’s predicted that worldwide spending on digital transformation technologies is expected to reach nearly $1.3 trillion this year. Adopting new and emerging technologies – from cloud-based applications to online collaborative working – allows organisations to increase pr...