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Hammering home public cloud shared security obligations: The importance of education

August 07, 2018 / Hatem Naguib

Public cloud customers need to become clearer on what their responsibility is for securing their data and applications hosted by public cloud providers. I believe there is a misunderstanding on how much responsibility the likes of AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform have for securing their customers. Their platforms are definitely secure and migrating workloads into the cloud can be much more secure than on premise data centers, however organisations do have a responsibility in securing their workloads applications, and operating systems. Even though every customer’s journey to the cloud is unique, and there are different levels of understanding this model, I hear some very common questions repeatedly. “Why do I need to put my own security in the cloud? I thought it was already secure?” “Why can’t I just move my virtual security appliances in the cloud?” “What does this mean for my network firewall? How do I ensure connectivity and access for...