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VMware Releases NFV for OpenStack Specifically Tuned for Telcos

June 12, 2018 / Linda Hardesty

VMware today released the 3.0 version of its vCloud NFV for OpenStack edition. It’s a full OpenStack suite, including compute, storage, networking, and the virtual infrastructure manager (VIM) layer, comprising an end-to-end NFVi platform. Just recently, VMware released the fifth version of its VMware Integrated OpenStack (VIO). Gabriele Di Piazza, vice president of solutions for VMware’s Telco NFV Group, said VIO 5 is a component of today’s vCloud NFV for OpenStack release. “In VIO 5 we added specific telco capabilities,” said Di Piazza. “In this case, VIO 5 is the VIM layer.” A big part of today’s release includes VMware’s NSX-T Data Center. VMware NSX is the company’s network virtualization and security platform. NSX-T Data Center refers to the iteration of the NSX platform that works across multiple clouds. “NSX-T Data Center is the cornerstone for our VNF strategy,” said Di Piazza. “With NSX, we can crea...