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Apcela Launches Network Telemetry and Monitoring Agent

May 09, 2018 / Ali Longwell

Apcela today released a network telemetry and monitoring agent, AppMon, that integrates with its Enhanced Analytics Platform. The agent constantly scans the network and its applications to locate application-specific performance problems and to figure out ways to optimize the network. AppMon sensors run on a host, typically a virtual machine (VM) on a server. This allows users to deploy the sensors in a dense mesh and creates a more granular method of measurement and detection. AppMon measures and collects data about performance and detects anomalies and problems. Because AppMon is integrated with Apcela’s analytics platform, it offers enterprises a single pane of glass view into applications in a variety of infrastructures, including public and private clouds, and within hybrid infrastructures. AppMon provides underlay network telemetry, while the platform provides overlay network telemetry. Apcela launched the Enhanced Analytics Platform, and its SD-WAN API, earlier this year. ...