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Many European organisations lacking fully fledged multi-cloud strategy, says IDC

May 02, 2018 / James Bourne

Multi-cloud is certainly a compelling trend – but according to new data from IDC, fewer than 10% of European organisations are fully on-board with a multi-cloud strategy. The analyst firm argues that multiple cloud service usage will be an inevitability – but understanding and strategy from European firms varies wildly. More than a third of firms polled overall (34%) said they had no plans to move workloads from current cloud providers in the coming 12 months. Yet for the UK market, 29% of respondents do have plans, with IDC noting UK businesses are much more fluid when it comes to multi-cloud. In total, only 9% of organisations polled were considered multi-cloud ready, with IDC designating them as ‘pathfinders.’ 43% of respondents were designated as ‘travellers’ and 38% ‘pedestrians’; IDC argues that these middle organisations are stuck in the transition process from hybrid cloud environments. The remaining 10% were considered ‘bys...