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Danger within: Defending cloud environments against insider threats

May 01, 2018 / Eduard Meelhuysen

According to a recent study by Crowd Research Partners, over 90% of organisations feel vulnerable to insider attacks. This should come as no surprise. Cloud adoption and bring your own device (BYOD) policies have greatly improved businesses’ agility, but have also made sensitive business data much more readily accessible, presenting a significant IT security challenge. This is clearly demonstrated in the recent incidents involving BUPA, Morrisons and the CIA. Of those questioned by Crowd Research Partners, 53% confirmed that they had experienced an insider attack in the last twelve months; additionally, 27% said that insider attacks have become more commonplace. Both statistics are indicative of the growing threat that insiders pose to data security. Unfortunately, in cloud-based IT environments, organisations often struggle to detect anomalous or careless employee behaviours. As such, many must revise their approaches to data protection. However, before deploying a new security ...