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Alibaba Cloud Deploys Location-Based Technology With Esri

April 12, 2018 / Linda Hardesty

Alibaba Cloud is collaborating with Esri, a company that does spatial analytics and geospatial information systems (GIS). The partnership enables both organizations to deliver technology to their joint customers. Esri is working through its authorized distributor in mainland China, Esri China. Esri and Alibaba Cloud have already collaborated on over 20 deployments of Esri technology inside Alibaba Cloud in China. For example, the Ningxia Land and Resources Bureau built its own geospatial data platform using Esri GIS technology on Alibaba. The customer has consolidated its electronic map data, imagery, survey, and three-dimensional data into a one-stop catalog. The customer built this foundational geographic data platform using Esri’s ArcGIS Enterprise software in Alibaba’s Elastic Compute instances.