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Telemedicine Company Deploys Cradlepoint for SD-WAN and SD-Perimeter Management

March 26, 2018 / Ali Longwell

Nebraska-based telemedicine company Visio Health leveraged Cradlepoint hardware and technology for its diagnostic telemedicine carts. Specifically, the company used Cradlepoint to create a perimeter-secured overlay network with optimized WAN path selection. Visio Health is a value-added reseller for AMD Global Telemedicine, meaning that it takes AMD products and adds network strategies, consults on healthcare workflow design and clinical workflow design, and builds telemedicine hardware and software. One of its most prominent products is its diagnostic telemedicine cart, basically a medical workstation on wheels. The battery-powered carts contain a computer, with at least one monitor, which communicates with a number of FDA medical devices, such as ECG machines, stethoscopes, etc., in order to give health care professionals two-way conferencing.