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Why cloud-native virtual network functions are important for NFV

March 08, 2018 / Sagar Nangare

Virtual network functions (VNFs) are software implementations of network function equipment packaged in virtual machines, on top of commercial off the shelf hardware NFV infrastructure. VNFs are a core part of NFV – as we know the base of NFV was to virtualise the network functions and software based to reduce cost and gain full control over network operations with added agility and flexibility benefits. We can say that the majority of NFV operations are focused towards how VNFs can be served in NFV infrastructure to introduce new services for consumers. In future, we can expect major developments will be related to VNFs only. VNFs and NFV are separated by the fact that VNF are provided by external vendors or open source communities to service providers who are transitioning their infrastructure to NFV. There may be several VNFs which combine to form a single service for NFV. This adds complexity to the overall NFV purpose of agility, where VNFs from different vendors need to dep...