MAC Cosmetics revolutionizes virtual retail with Coveo Qubit: Use cases driving up to 38% increase in click-throughs.


The beauty sector, unlike other industries, is a space where people tend to be unadventurous, purchasing the same beauty brands again and again. While this provides a unique opportunity to develop customer loyalty, it also means that incumbents must work hard to fulfill customer expectations. In a world where new beauty brands emerge daily and direct to consumer enables rapid expansion, service expectations are higher than ever. Any shortfall in the customer experience is an opportunity for a competitor to make an offer.

In this case study, learn how MAC stays relevant – and iconic – with AI:

  • How they used product replenishment reminders to stop their customers from buying from other brands
  • Why leveraging “the wisdom of the crowd” got them a 1.6% uplift in revenue per visitor (RPV)
  • The tiny tweak they made to their product reviews that increased customers’ confidence in their products (it’s so small and easy to overlook, but the impact is huge}

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