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Zesty Launches EZswitch for Zesty Disk, Empowering Companies to Start Automating Amazon EBS Right-Sizing in Minutes

Zesty Launches EZswitch for Zesty Disk, Empowering Companies

Zesty, a pioneer in dynamic cloud infrastructure solutions, today announced the launch of EZswitch for Zesty Disk. EZswitch dramatically simplifies the transfer of data to Zesty-managed disks, reducing the steps and the downtime previously required. It requires zero code changes and empowers organizations to quickly and easily automate the right-sizing of their block storage.

The management of block storage volumes remains a huge challenge for cloud customers. Even with advances in prediction capabilities, there is no foolproof way to determine the amount of storage required. Storage demands for applications are extremely dynamic, and failure to allocate the sufficient disk space can be disastrous for companies. Overprovisioning has become standard practice, with organizations regularly provisioning excess storage than required to ensure app stability even during peak usage periods. However, that can double or triple the costs. Hands-on management can help achieve more accurate provisioning but it requires DevOps to be on call 24/7 to increase volumes when necessary.

Zesty Disk's AI-driven auto-scaling technology eliminates the tradeoff between cloud performance and cost efficiency. As storage data demands increase and decrease in line with fluctuating application needs, Zesty Disk automatically right sizes disk storage in real-time freeing engineers from 24/7 cloud monitoring. With optimized utilization, storage costs can be reduced by up to 70% as provisioned storage is kept in pace with used storage needs. Designed with DevOps teams in mind, the AI-powered real-time cloud management tool is easy to use and manage, even for functions as critical and security-sensitive as block storage.

"Companies are often unaware of the level of waste that takes place with Amazon EBS. They assume their utilization is more or less in line with their provisioning, and that the high costs of running storage is the norm," said Alexey Baikov, CTO and co-founder of Zesty. "With EZswitch, companies can evaluate Zesty Disk with no risk and minimal time commitment to see the cost impact that auto-scaling EBS volumes has. EZswitch lowers the barrier of entry for DevOps teams to automate the management of their Amazon EBS volumes."

In the past several months Zesty has continued to grow and invest in the success of its users. On the heels of the company's $75 million Series B, Zesty has opened a new HQ in San Mateo and hired Ori Yitzhaki as the new VP of Product. As the former VP of Product at JFrog, Yitzhaki's experience in customer-centric product development will play a key role in creating highly valuable and easy-to-use optimization tools for dynamic cloud environments.

About Zesty

Zesty is breaking new ground with intelligent cloud management technology that auto-scales cloud resources to fit real-time application needs. As today's cloud environments become increasingly dynamic, Zesty's automation increases cloud efficiency, improves DevOps productivity, and reduces cloud costs with zero human input. As a result, DevOps engineers no longer need to spend time on repetitive and mundane infrastructure management tasks and can enjoy the cloud's flexibility and scalability without worrying about cost or performance concerns. Zesty was founded in 2019 in Tel Aviv and is used by leading organizations such as Armis, Gong, Yotpo, and others. For more information, visit



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