Zesty Lands $75 Million Series B to Lead the Evolution to Dynamic Cloud Infrastructure

Zesty | September 14, 2022 | Read time : 02:50 min

Zesty, a pioneer in dynamic cloud infrastructure solutions, today announced a $75 million Series B funding round led by B Capital and Series A investor Sapphire Ventures. Previous investors Next47 and S-Capital also participated in the round. Zesty has raised $116 million in total since its founding in 2019. Zesty's customer base has grown by 127% from 2021 to 2022 and the company has tripled its revenue since its Series A last year.

The static nature of cloud infrastructure today encumbers DevOps with the burdensome task of managing cloud resources in a constantly shifting business environment. DevOps teams burn countless hours trying to make predictions and manual adjustments to ensure their infrastructure efficiently meets application demand. Budgets are further strained as cloud infrastructure spend is expected to hit over $90 billion in 2022 – 22% more than in 2021.

Zesty's solutions spearhead the evolutionary transition to dynamic cloud infrastructure by automatically adapting compute and storage to meet real-time business needs. As a result, businesses can finally fulfill the promise of the cloud by gaining the flexibility they need to scale up or down. This allows DevOps teams to significantly reduce cloud costs, maintain optimal app performance, and alleviate the stress of managing static infrastructure. Zesty's solutions require zero human input – so engineers no longer waste time monitoring, measuring, predicting, and adjusting resource allocations, and can instead focus on developing new products and features.

"The cloud has become the foundation for critical functions for countless companies, but more often than not, DevOps teams are stuck with static infrastructure, like discount program commitments or allocated storage volumes that waste time and money. "This situation is no longer tenable in today's volatile economic environment, or any environment for that matter. DevOps teams shouldn't be wasting their time babysitting the cloud. That's why we're excited to help companies save significant resources, both financial and human. This investment will help us grow our team and further develop our products to meet the exploding demand for greater cloud flexibility."

Maxim Melamedov, CEO and co-founder of Zesty

Zesty's suite of products are designed with DevOps teams in mind, providing the first automated solutions for resource optimization tasks that are traditionally manual and labor intensive.

Their customer base includes hundreds of international companies – including Heap, Gong, Yotpo, Monday, and Wiz.

"Despite its enormous value and scalability, the cloud still lacks flexibility and that's holding DevOps back," said Rashmi Gopinath, General Partner at B Capital. "Teams are forced to make impossible predictions regarding future infrastructure needs, which leads to wasted money and is a huge drag on DevOps productivity. Dynamic cloud infrastructure is the game-changer so many businesses have been waiting for, and we're excited to be part of this cloud revolution."

"Cloud computing continues to hold huge potential and promise for companies of all sizes and at all stages of the cloud adoption journey," said Casber Wang, Partner at Sapphire Ventures and Zesty board member. "But that promise comes at a high associated cost: management intricacy, cloud waste, margin erosion, imprecise budgeting, and much more. Cloud needs have always been dynamic, and with Zesty's differentiated optimization platform, companies can now see the ROI and stop making such a trade-off, programmatically."

About Zesty
Zesty helps organizations adapt to changing business needs by making their cloud infrastructure more dynamic. With offerings for compute, block storage, and Kubernetes,  Zesty automatically scales resources to meet application demands in real-time. This helps DevOps teams to slash cloud costs, maintain perfect app performance, minimize the hassle of managing infra and fully realize the true flexibility of the cloud.


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On March 08, 2023, Axelera AI and Advantech declare their strategic alliance as the world's most powerful and advanced solutions supplier for AI at the Edge. Advantech, a leader in embedded and industrial PCs, and Axelera AI, a leader in edge AI technology, have partnered to bring the inference capability of a data center to edge devices, allowing customers to process data in real time while decreasing latency and increasing productivity. In just a a span of 18 months, Axelera AI: Taped out 2 chips, Introduced next-generation Metis AI software and hardware platform, Raised USD funding of $37ml and Grew a team of more than 100+ game-changers – (40 PhDs in 12 European countries.) Fabrizio Del Maffeo, CEO of Axelera AI, stated, "We are excited to showcase our progress in building next-generation computer vision products. The partnership with Advantech underpins the magnitude of what our Metis AI platform delivers and we are honored to partner with them. As we grow, we're seeking talented people to join our team and develop the future of Edge AI." (Source – BusinessWire) During Embedded World, Axelera AI will display its latest offerings, which can be purchased in a variety of M.2 modules and vision-ready systems, as well as other industry-standard form factors. Metis AIPU technology and the intuitive Voyager SDK software stack combine to provide high-powered processing performance at a fraction of the price and power consumption of existing alternatives. About Axelera AI Axelera AI, which is providing the world’s most powerful and advanced solutions for AI at the edge, is developing a game-changing hardware and software platform for AI. Axelera AI has research and development facilities in Belgium, Switzerland, and Italy, in addition to its headquarters in the AI Innovation Center on the High Tech Park in Eindhoven. Its software and hardware professionals in artificial intelligence are recruited from leading AI businesses and Fortune 500 organizations

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Flexential® Announces Access to Oracle Cloud via FastConnect

prnewswire | April 06, 2023

Flexential, a leading provider of data center colocation, cloud and connectivity, and a member of Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN), today announced it will offer connectivity to Oracle Cloud through Oracle Cloud Infrastructure FastConnect. Flexential is expanding its Cloud Fabric ecosystem by offering low latency interconnection options to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). This can allow customers in any Flexential data center across its national FlexAnywhere™ platform to connect to OCI. Through collaboration with Flexential, Oracle customers can benefit from reliable network access to their cloud data and applications from any Flexential facility via Oracle FastConnect on-ramps located in Ashburn, VA, San Jose, CA, and Chicago, IL. This has the potential to facilitate improved performance, enhanced control, flexibility, and scalability through easier access to critical business data and functions. "With the ever-increasing customer demand for high-performing, reliable and flexible interconnection options, we know how critical it is for customers to have direct access to OCI through FastConnect," said Chris Downie, CEO, Flexential. "We are proud to expand our Cloud Fabric offerings to enable our customers to rapidly scale their IT infrastructure across our national FlexAnywhere™ platform of 39 data centers." OCI's extensive network of more than 70 FastConnect global and regional partners offer customers dedicated connectivity to Oracle Cloud regions and OCI services – providing customers with the best options anywhere in the world. Specifically architected to meet the needs of the enterprise, Oracle Cloud is a next-generation cloud that delivers powerful compute and networking performance and a comprehensive portfolio of infrastructure and platform cloud services from application development and business analytics to data management, integration, security, artificial intelligence (AI), and blockchain. With unique architecture and capabilities, Oracle Cloud delivers unmatched security, performance, and cost savings. Oracle Cloud is the only cloud built to run Oracle Autonomous Database, the industry's first and only self-driving database. About Flexential Flexential empowers the IT journey of the nation's most complex businesses by offering flexible and tailored hybrid IT solutions comprised of colocation, cloud, connectivity, data protection, managed, and professional services. The company builds on a platform of three million square feet of data center space in 19 highly connected markets, and on its 100Gbps private backbone to meet the most stringent challenges in security, compliance, and resiliency.

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RevoFi Leads the Charge for Decentralized Cloud Infrastructure with Revolutionary A.I. Capabilities & Far-Edge Computing

globenewswire | April 04, 2023

RevoFi has positioned itself as a prominent player in the cloud computing industry by delivering affordable and accessible solutions while spearheading a revolution in this field. The company takes pride in its A.I capabilities, versatile revenue generation, flexible business models, and cost-effective cloud solutions. Despite these impressive achievements, it's the A.I. capabilities of the NVIDIA Jetson Nano that truly set RevoFi apart as the frontrunner for A.I. large language model training and applications. With these premises, RevoFi is leading the charge for decentralized cloud infrastructure. The infrastructure is the beginning of democratizing and decentralizing the internet, providing consumers and businesses with the future of A.I. large language model training and applications. Notably, RevoFi is building the world's first and largest distributed A.I. computer. This will provide the new GPU cloud platform for LLMs (large language models - ex., ChatGPT) and other high-value workloads that are A.I. in-demand services. RevoFi is not just a device company but a solution to democratize and decentralize the internet, offering a multi-phase approach to deploy today while building for the future. The RevoFi devices provide high-speed WiFi 6 mesh connectivity that automatically connects anywhere RevoFi is present, making the devices and network consistent in delivering a simplistic approach to onboarding for NFTs, crypto, and DeFi. In addition, RevoFi provides businesses with three flexible business models for financing, revenue share, and payout in their choice of currency or currencies. The devices and network offer a 50% reduction in cloud costs and a 15-35% reduction in bandwidth costs, making it an affordable solution for businesses looking to access the revolutionary edge cloud infrastructure. In the past 12 months, RevoFi has achieved significant milestones, including completing device development for the initial deployments and technical trials, launching the saltstack mainnet for all backend cloud microservices, and closing a 20,000 B2B deal for the years 2023 and 2024. RevoFi has also deployed blockchain protocols, microservices, and other high-demand workloads that would see a substantial cost benefit by switching to the RevoFi cloud. The team is set for every challenge and ready to serve everyone satisfactorily. According to Justin Caswell: "Revolutionizing the future of cloud computing, RevoFi's advanced technology and unique business model bring accessibility and affordability to the masses. With a focus on A.I. capabilities and edge computing, RevoFi is leading the charge for decentralized cloud infrastructure." The global edge computing market is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 38.9%, with a total available market of $11B in 2022 and $155.9B in 2030. RevoFi's far-edge computing segment represents a serviceable obtainable market of $1.1B in 2023 and $14.5B in 2030. Interestingly, RevoFi's revolutionary new offering, Cipher Army NFT Device Staking, provides consumers and businesses with a novel way to earn from their WiFi and the device's resources that enable edge cloud applications and services. This offering gives access to the staking platform and more through purchasing a Cipher Army digital collectible trading card (NFT), allowing users to earn Revos (RVS) and other tokens. Further, RevoFi is in an ongoing process to onboard Chainlink to allow earning of LINK tokens on a RevoFi device. This makes RevoFi the world's first mining hardware for Chainlink. The company also plans to add BTC Lightening, Akash, and over 50 other protocols to increase revenue earnings and bring true decentralized edge cloud to the global market. The team at RevoFi is passionate about decentralizing cloud infrastructure and making it accessible to everyone worldwide. RevoFi is the beginning of the infrastructure to democratize and decentralize the Internet, providing consumers and businesses with the future of A.I. large language model training and applications. Moving forward, RevoFi has plans to onboard more A.I. tools and applications, complete additional features such as prplMesh for commercial WiFi offload programs, and enterprise-grade networking. With these plans in place, RevoFi is set to become a game-changer in the cloud computing industry. About RevoFi RevoFi is a device company that provides novel edge cloud infrastructure for consumers and businesses to earn revenue from their WiFi and device resources. By enabling edge cloud applications and services, the company reduces cloud costs by up to 50% while providing advanced services for personal use and enterprise clients. The founder, Justin, has over 20 years of experience in communications, system architecture, automation, and entrepreneurship and has been working on building a national cloud native 5G wireless network. He uniquely bridges technology and business use cases at almost all scales, across disciplines, and with depth.

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