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X-lumin Expands Capacity and Reach of 4G/5G Networks with New AI-Driven Optical Wireless Communications System.

X-lumin Corp., provider of turn-key systems for optical wireless communications announced its TeraLink FSOC Product Suite. The newest family of products are designed for ultra-high bandwidth networks in urban, suburban, rural and enterprise applications while providing carrier-grade availability.

Through the implementation of single mode fiber connectivity, the TeraLink products integrate seamlessly into existing fiber networks. "It was very important that we designed our products by bringing together the latest in telecom and photonics technology, providing an ideal solution for mobile backhaul (4G/5G/6G), last-mile connectivity, enterprise systems, and ad-hoc mobile networks requiring low latency", said Rick Lyons X-lumin CRO.

By employing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve Quality of Service, the TeraLink family offers optical turbulence mitigation, increased link stability and performance, predictive performance based on weather conditions, and predictive operational analysis that helps avoid potential hardware failures before they occur.

TeraLink FSOC systems are easy to deploy and can be installed on a tower, rooftop, or indoors behind a window.  The optical wireless design allows users to avoid having to acquire expensive spectrum or obtain government permits and keeps installation time to a minimum (less than a day).  TeraLink systems come in three standard models to accommodate user needs – the SR (up to 1.2Km), MR (up to 5Km), and LR (up to 7.5Km).

The TeraLink FSOC systems are managed with the company's flagship, user-friendly software – the X-lumin Operating System (XOS) is available on Windows, Mac, Android, IOS and Linux.  XOS is one of the most versatile and comprehensive software platforms for managing Optical and Laser applications available in the market today.

X-lumin is a provider of state-of-the-art optical wireless communication solutions with a focus on building an effective and efficient bridge between existing network capabilities and the need for a high-speed data highway to meet exploding bandwidth demands.



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