UConn and AT&T Partner to Bring a Private 5G Network to Stamford Lab

UConn | April 20, 2021

The University of Connecticut (UConn) and AT&T* are collaborating on the Stamford campus to advance entrepreneurship, innovation, and data science by using AT&T 5G+ millimeter wave and Multi-access Edge Compute (MEC) technologies. The AT&T 5G+ network will allow the university to advance research initiatives that will investigate new use cases and increase entrepreneurial activity.

AT&T's partnership with UConn Stamford, with the assistance of CTNext and StamfordNext, will add 5G capabilities to bolster the UConn Stamford Data Science Initiative, which includes the Stamford Start-up Studio, the UConn Technology Incubation Program (TIP Digital) in Stamford, and the work of a soon-to-be recruited a team of data science research faculty. AT&T and UConn anticipate that the latest resources on the Stamford campus will connect business experience with student and faculty innovation, paving the way for new job opportunities and cutting-edge research.

AT&T's 5G infrastructure will provide UConn Stamford with cellular high-speed access. MEC computing is a wireless network infrastructure that, when combined with 5G+, enables near real-time, ultra-high bandwidth, and ultra-low latency connectivity to wireless mobile applications. Through a private network, 5G and MEC will help connect students, faculty, and university partners. In other words, the technology would enable UConn Stamford to provide advanced experiences and results to students, teachers, and research groups without requiring data to travel to distant data centers.

The addition of AT&T's 5G+ mmWave service will boost and extend Connecticut's innovation ecosystem, enhancing UConn Stamford's capacity to support the state, city, and university. Academic programs and student life should benefit as well, and the socioeconomic effect of this growth should benefit University partners and stakeholders in a meaningful manner.

AT&T and UConn anticipate that the new 5G lab will enable a wide set of technical tools and innovations that will allow the university to extend its work in entrepreneurship and data science. AT&T 5G+-enabled UConn use cases will include:

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Co-op – This program will teach aspiring entrepreneurs how to develop early-stage innovations and technologies for the real estate and construction industries. The 5G technology will assist student entrepreneurs in unleashing their innovation and transforming business operations. Besides, the initiative assists women and minority-owned business innovators by connecting and developing a network of partnerships within the university and throughout the state.

Data Science Tech Incubator – 5G will assist TIP Digital startups in studying and assessing data more quickly and effectively. Real-time processing of patient data so that treatment can be delivered more quickly, as well as better management of extreme weather so that service providers can adapt to power outages more quickly, are examples of use cases. Access to 5G technologies enables TIP Digital firms to evolve more quickly and draw top talent to the field.

Faculty Fellows in Data Science – 5G can be used for analytics and data visualization research in engineering, liberal arts, fine arts, and industry. These data science faculty fellows will collaborate with industry partners to conduct cutting-edge research with the potential for commercialization.

UConn's commitment to Stamford and the business community is accompanied by this initiative. When the lab opens, UConn anticipates partnering with regional companies to expand student activities and opportunities.

About AT&T Communications

We help family, friends, and neighbors connect in meaningful ways every day. From the first phone call 140+ years ago to mobile video streaming, we @ATT innovate to improve lives. AT&T Communications is part of AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T).

About UConn Stamford

UConn Stamford, UConn's largest undergraduate regional campus, is located in the state's most affluent and economically active county and offers a top-ranked research university education in the intimate setting of an urban liberal arts college. Graduate and undergraduate students study business, computer science, digital media and design, and other fields, all while benefiting from the City of Stamford's impressive network of government and business partners. Furthermore, with New York City and everything it has to offer less than an hour away, UConn Stamford's proximity and possibilities for synergized partnerships favor our students and the region. The campus catalyzes entrepreneurship and innovation, leading to social mobility for our students, and economic impact for the region.


Acquiring and managing IT hardware, software and services to keep pace with rapidly changing data center requirements and mission demands is increasingly challenging. Data Center leaders need to optimize data centers, lay the foundation for emerging technologies, and improve security – while maintaining decade-old systems critical to mission success. Therefore, data center managers are finding it difficult to meet the demand for additional resources, keep up with technology advancements and implement solutions quickly.


Acquiring and managing IT hardware, software and services to keep pace with rapidly changing data center requirements and mission demands is increasingly challenging. Data Center leaders need to optimize data centers, lay the foundation for emerging technologies, and improve security – while maintaining decade-old systems critical to mission success. Therefore, data center managers are finding it difficult to meet the demand for additional resources, keep up with technology advancements and implement solutions quickly.

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prnewswire | January 27, 2021

LF Networking (LFN), which encourages joint effort and operational greatness across open source organizing projects, today declared the making of the Anuket project. A consolidation of CNTT (The Cloud iNfrastructure Telco Taskforce, which gave reference models and structures to both virtual machine and containerized network capacities) and OPNFV (the Open Platform for NFV, which diminished chance to coordinate and convey NFV framework and installed VNF/CNFs), Anuket apparatuses and antiquities engage the worldwide interchanges local area to convey agreeable organization benefits quicker, more dependably and safely, and quicken the change to cloud local foundations. Anuket conveys normalized reference foundation details and conformance structures for virtualized and cloud local organization capacities, empowering quicker and more powerful onboarding into creation, lessening costs, and quickening telecom computerized change. By proceeding with OPNFV's tradition of working upstream with cooperation across other open source projects, (for example, LF Networking, LF Edge, CNCF, LF AI, ODIM and other industry associations and norms bodies) and CNTT's administrator center, the undertaking guarantees innovation meets business and operational requirements. Anuket will likewise protect CNTT's nearby working relationship with GSMA, who will keep on distributing the undertaking's Reference Model work. "It's incredible to see the evolution of what began as the Open Platform for Network Functions Virtualization over six years ago," said Heather Kirksey, vice president of Community and Ecosystem Development at the Linux Foundation. "With Anuket, we are making it easier and more efficient for CSPs to transform their networks and save money, with one, end-to-end platform." "The Anuket project is unique in covering Operator requirements collection and normalisation, subsequent open-source software development, through to Industry certification programs of ecosystem implementations, all under a single initiative," said Walter Kozlowski, Anuket Technical Steering Committee co-chair and Principal, Cloud Infrastructure Architecture, at Telstra. "I am proud to serve in the role of a co-chair of its Technical Steering Committee, and I am excited by the unique opportunity this project creates for my company and for the whole industry, in the area of network transformation and related telco open infrastructure."

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Metallic Data Management as a Service on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Will Accelerate Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Adoption

Commvault | July 01, 2022

Metallic DMaaS on Oracle Cloud is now a part of Commvault's strategic relationship with Oracle, a leader in intelligent data services across on-premises, cloud, and SaaS settings. Metallic's market-leading services will be made available on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and will be accessible in all commercial OCI regions worldwide as part of Commvault's multi-cloud strategy. For business customers wishing to hasten their OCI transition, Metallic and OCI will offer improved price-performance, built-in enhanced security, and streamlined recovery and management. In addition, Oracle users may now safeguard crucial data assets in the cloud or on-premises by utilizing OCI Storage for superior air-gapped ransomware protection while preserving flexibility across customer-controlled storage or a SaaS-delivered data protection service inclusive of managed cloud storage. Metallic DMaaS supports the protection of data against corruption, unauthorized access, and other threats across critical business sectors, such as insurance, financial services, manufacturing, and defense, in the fight against ransomware and cyberattacks. Customers can quickly backup their digital footprint in any consumption model, including cloud-native and on-premises workloads, including databases, virtual machines, Kubernetes, file and object storage, and workloads running on databases and virtual machines. "The combination of Metallic DMaaS and OCI is a big win for customers looking for data mobility, agility, and security as they link on-premises Oracle solutions to OCI and evolve their data management capabilities." Vinny Choinski, senior analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group Metallic's data protection now covers OCI VMs, Oracle Databases, and Oracle Container Engine, thanks to the addition of support for safeguarding OCI workloads and writing to OCI Storage. Additionally, Oracle Linux is accessible to over 400,000 Oracle enterprise customers and the more than 100,000 clients wishing to use Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to protect their mission-critical data but who have previously relied on Commvault technology. As a part of the Oracle PartnerNetwork, Commvault will promote and sell Metallic DMaaS alongside Oracle in a partnership that will hasten Metallic's attempts to become worldwide. Available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace is Metallic DMaaS. "We're excited to partner with Commvault and enable our customers to restore and recover their most mission-critical cloud data. Data protection and compliance requirements are necessities in today's business environment, which is why we're confident that OCI's built-in, always-on security features combined with Metallic DMaaS will provide additional peace of mind for our joint customers," said Clay Magouyrk, executive vice president, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

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Equinix, Inc.the world's digital infrastructure company, and global communications provider Oman Telecommunications Company ,today announced the opening of their new International Business Exchange data center in Barka, near Muscat the capital of Oman. Known as MC1, the facility is the first world-class, carrier-neutral hub in Oman where carriers, content providers and cloud providers can colocate critical IT infrastructure. Strategically located between Asia, Africa and Europe, the new Equinix IBX in Oman will serve as a regional interconnection hub providing ultra-low latency connection points between key global business markets.

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