UbiStor Announces Infrastructure as a Service Partnership with Scale Computing

UbiStor | July 21, 2022 | Read time : 03:00 min

UbiStor, a globally-recognized Chicagoland-based Managed Services Provider, has announced its infrastructure partnership with Scale Computing. Scale Computing would be the newest provider to join UbiStor’s arsenal of Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions.

Founded in 2001, UbiStor’s team of engineers have spent over two decades in the industry, specializing in Backup and Disaster Recovery as a Service. As data and threats to that data have become more complex, there has been an increasing need for expert MSPs familiar with integrating a variety of solutions depending on their customer’s environment, acting as a main point of contact during routine testing or in the event of disaster. UbiStor specializes in creating Backup and Disaster Recovery Roadmaps for customers with the ability to scale as they grow and weave new solutions into their evolving environment – all backed by their team of expert engineers on an ongoing basis.

In 2021, UbiStor’s Managed SafeStor solution powered by Acronis quickly became one of their most-utilized services, but there was a clear desire from customers for an on-premises appliance with continuity across both platforms. The integration of the Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud and Scale Computing's Business Resilience System (BRS) Appliance gives UbiStor’s customers the agility of a hybrid cloud data protection service with the flexibility of instant local virtualization and recovery using the BRS hardware platform, completely changing how UbiStor brings Acronis services to the market.

“The addition of Scale Computing to our Backup and DR-as-a-Service offerings enhances our ability to help customers meet their local restore and recoverability requirements, while still being able to leverage the advanced capabilities of the Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud.”

Dan Hill, CEO, UbiStor

About Scale Computing
Scale Computing is a leader in edge computing, virtualization, and hyperconverged solutions. Using patented HyperCore™ technology, Scale Computing Platform automatically identifies, mitigates, and corrects infrastructure problems in real-time, enabling applications to achieve maximum uptime, even when local IT resources and staff are scarce. Edge Computing is the fastest growing area of IT infrastructure, and industry analysts have named Scale Computing an outperformer and leader in the space, including being named the #1 edge computing vendor by CRN. Scale Computing’s products are sold by thousands of value-added resellers, integrators, and service providers worldwide. When ease-of-use, high availability, and TCO matter, Scale Computing Platform is the ideal infrastructure platform.


A cloud-centric workforce requires new ways of tacking security challenges. This eBook explains how a SASE framework can help you secure the cloud and enable resilient protection for your whole network.Secure Access Service Edge architecture unifies varied solutions to extend protection among every device.


A cloud-centric workforce requires new ways of tacking security challenges. This eBook explains how a SASE framework can help you secure the cloud and enable resilient protection for your whole network.Secure Access Service Edge architecture unifies varied solutions to extend protection among every device.

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Intelligent Waves to Unveil Secure Non-RF Light-Based Wireless Broadband Through Trulifi by Signify at SOF Week

businesswire | May 08, 2023

Intelligent Waves (IW), a leading tech integrator that provides mission-focused, multi-domain operational expertise and innovation to the Federal Government, announced that it has entered into a strategic technology collaboration, integrating Trulifi by Signify technology with IW’s GRAYPATH (GP) solution, developing an obfuscated, Non-RF solution that enhances the mission of the next-gen warfighter and battles. For decades, the United States has been at war with adversaries where our military’s superior C4I capabilities allowed us to communicate uncontested across all domains of warfare with little resistance. As we enter a new era of warfare with near-peer adversaries we find ourselves communicating in highly monitored and contested environments. This new era allows the detection, identification, interception, and denial of network communications methods we have relied upon for decades. With IW's GRAYPATH solution plus Trulifi by Signify, military forces on the ground can communicate outside of the radio spectrum, enabling critical communications between dispersed locations without deconfliction of the spectrum. GRAYPATH Next-Generation enables the obfuscated transmission of sensitive data over any transport method native to any current airfield communication package, but it also enables transmission within host country communications networks that may be available during FEAS operations. GP additionally operates via asymmetric routing, ensuring the highest level of redundant communications by employing all transport paths simultaneously. As a result, smaller, low bandwidth dishes can be combined, ultimately increasing bandwidth, which allows high-speed communications that would not otherwise be possible until larger communication packages were employed, resulting in better reporting of photos, videos, and other information to commanders. Chief Strategy Officer of Intelligent Waves, John Hammes, said, "Intelligent Waves is thrilled to incorporate Signify’s light-based communication solution with our award-winning cyber defense platform, GRAYPATH, which currently serves the most demanding and secure special operators in austere environments, and we look forward to integrating Trulifi by Signify into our existing platform." LiFi technology, a two-way wireless connection enabled by light, allows for reliable high-speed data transmissions. Instead of radio, invisible light is used for communication, making the connection impervious to jamming. The integration with GRAYPATH provides low probability detection, and low probability intercepted communications from an enterprise to an operational environment. Using GRAYPATH, users can employ several methods of transport simultaneously while utilizing the quantum-resistant routing and encryption techniques to grant operators freedom of movement in the cyber realm. Signals from electromagnetic sources are eliminated when LiFi is implemented in an operational environment, providing users with a fast and easy to deploy and wire-free solution that is both time-efficient and secure, reducing the likelihood that they will be intercepted, jammed, or disrupted by adversaries. This exciting collaboration between Intelligent Waves and Trulifi by Signify will be showcased at SOF Week on May 9th - 11th, 2023, in booth 1805 in the C4 and Special Reconnaissance section on the 2nd floor of the Tampa Convention Center. SOF Week provides special operations and industry partners the opportunity to reexamine SOF policies, investments, and activities, find ways to augment existing SOF capabilities, foster rapid future capability development and employment, and leverage relationships with allies and partners. About Intelligent Waves Intelligent Waves delivers mission-focused multi-domain operational expertise & innovation to the Government through high-impact technology solutions in cybersecurity, data science, enterprise network & systems engineering, software development, & platform mission support. Always ready. Anytime. Anywhere. Any domain.

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Cyxtera Takes Steps to Position Business for Long-Term Success

businesswire | May 05, 2023

Cyxtera, a global leader in data center colocation and interconnection services, today announced that it has received $50 million in new financing from certain of its lenders, holding over two-thirds of its outstanding term loan (the “Lenders”), to support ongoing business operations. In connection with the new financing, Cyxtera has entered into a Restructuring Support Agreement (“RSA”) with the Lenders to strengthen the Company’s financial position and facilitate the business’s long-term success. Cyxtera is continuing to operate its unique global platform of highly interconnected data centers with an unwavering focus on providing high-quality services that help its customers around the world transform and scale their businesses. “We have strong momentum in our business, and demand for our global data center platform remains high,” said Nelson Fonseca, Cyxtera’s Chief Executive Officer. “With the support of our Lenders, we are taking steps to strengthen our financial position and ensure that our business is best positioned for the long term. We are confident in our ability to continue growing our business and creating value for the customers and communities we serve as we work to implement the transactions contemplated by the agreement.” Mr. Fonseca added, “We thank our customers and partners for their continued support, and we are grateful to our employees for their hard work and commitment to Cyxtera. We look forward to continuing to provide innovative, cloud-like data center services and enabling our customers to meet their evolving business needs.” Additional Information Regarding the RSA The terms of the RSA contemplate the Company undertaking a process to pursue a potential sale of the business or a significant investment from a new investor. In connection with this process, the Lenders have agreed to offer long-term financing for potential investors to address existing near-term maturities. To the extent the process does not result in an acceptable transaction with a third party, as defined by the RSA, the Company would implement a comprehensive financial restructuring and transition majority ownership of the business to the Lenders through an expedited, voluntary court-supervised process under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. In all scenarios being contemplated, Cyxtera will continue operating and serving customers via its global data center platform with innovative services and the highest levels of support. Additionally, regardless of the path forward, employees will continue receiving their pay and benefits without interruption. The Company will also continue evaluating its data center footprint, consistent with its commitment to optimizing operations. About Cyxtera Cyxtera is a global leader in colocation and interconnection services, with a footprint of more than 60 data centers in over 30 markets. With IT infrastructure becoming increasingly hybrid, complex, and distributed, Cyxtera continues to expand its portfolio beyond space and power to deliver more cloud-like and flexible infrastructure solutions across its global data center platform and robust partner ecosystem. Today, Cyxtera provides more than 2,300 enterprise and government customers with the technology solutions they need to scale faster, achieve financial goals, and gain a competitive advantage.

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atNorth Announces BNP Paribas Relocating a Portion of IT Infrastructure to Nordic Region

hpcwire | April 03, 2023

atNorth, a leading pan-Nordic colocation, high-performance computing, and artificial intelligence service provider, has announced that its long standing customer, BNP Paribas, continues to move portions of their workloads to the Nordic region. This will enable the leading financial institution to continue to support the increasing need for high performance, data-intensive IT workloads. The migration of another portion of its IT workload to the atNorth site in Sweden is a continuation of BNP Paribas’ program to refresh and expand its High-Performance Computing HPC server farm – a vital hub for applications used to calculate the positions and associated risks in the financial markets – to atNorth’s Nordics datacenters. The original move to Iceland in 2018 resulted in an increase of nearly 30% in total capacity, reduced energy consumption by more than 50%, and decreased CO2 output by 85%. By moving additional workloads to the atNorth site in Sweden, BNP Paribas demonstrates continued commitment to sustainably future proof its IT infrastructure and reduce its carbon footprint across the whole of the global business “atNorth has been instrumental in helping BNP Paribas ensure our IT operations are as sustainable and carbon neutral as possible, which is an initiative close to the core of our business at the moment,” stated Alexis Carrion, CIB Global Head of Data Centers, BNP Paribas. ​“We have seen great results from migrating IT workloads to atNorth’s data center site in Iceland five years ago. As we look to increase our grid computing capacity, the atNorth site is the obvious solution in meeting both demand as well as our guiding principles for sustainability and efficiency. atNorth meets all our criteria and importantly are an operational partner that we know and trust to help us to advance our best practices to reduce the digital footprint of our IT infrastructure and operations.” atNorth’s data center in Sweden, is built for heat recovery, and is considered one of the country’s most energy efficient data centers. The data center is designed to operate with the lowest carbon footprint possible. The site can capture the heat from up to 85 percent of the electricity used within the center, which is passed on to the central district heating system to provide heat and hot water for the surrounding community. This innovative use of large-scale heat reuse exemplifies a new generation of data center design and contributes to the circular economy. “Our partnership with BNP Paribas is very well aligned with atNorth’s mission of providing environmentally responsible compute facilities at scale, BNP Paribas has with this new project yet again demonstrated their leadership in lowering their environmental impact and emphasis on responsible IT deployments. Through the years BNP Paribas has showcased that focus on sustainability amplifies best practices and has resulted in the best outcome for the environment and their business. BNP Paribas has been an early mover in its ambition to put sustainability and carbon neutrality at the forefront of its business and we are excited to help the team expand their operations to the atNorth site in Stockholm,” commented Gisli Kr., CSO atNorth. ​“Sweden’s climate and renewable energy resources, combined with atNorth’s innovative cooling and large-scale reuse of heat is now attracting European companies who want to reduce their CO2 footprint. BNP Paribas has proven to be an organization that is truly paving the way for business today, demonstrating the critical role that global leaders can play in creating a more sustainable future as we continue to fuel a digitally data-hungry world.” About atNorth atNorth is a leading Pan-Nordic data center services company that offers sustainable, cost-effective, and scalable colocation and high-performance computing services across Iceland, Sweden and Finland. The company operates five data centers in strategic locations across the Nordics, with a sixth site to open in Akureyri, Iceland in Q2, 2023 and a seventh site to open in Finland in 2024. With sustainability at its core, atNorth’s data centers run on 100% renewable energy resources and support circular economy principles. All atNorth sites leverage innovative design, power efficiency, and intelligent operations to provide long-term infrastructure and flexible colocation deployments.

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