SatixFy Technology Enables First 5G link through a LEO constellation

SatixFy Communications Ltd | July 11, 2022 | Read time : 5:12 min

SatixFy Communications Ltd
SatixFy Communications Ltd. (“SatixFy”), a leader in next-generation satellite communication systems based on in-house developed chipsets, today announced its critical role in enabling the first ever demonstration of a high-speed, low-latency link with a LEO satellite constellation incorporating 5G (video available here). SatixFy has partnered with OneWeb under the ESA Sunrise Partnership Project, with support from the UK Space Agency, to develop a compact electronically steered multi-beam array suitable for mobility services over both LEO and GEO satellites simultaneously. The terminal can also be integrated into 5G equipment to allow end-to-end access to a LEO constellation network via a 5G signal.

On June 28, 2022, a demonstration at the ESA/ECSAT facilities in Harwell achieved the world’s first ever 5G backhaul communications connected to a LEO satellite constellation, using a compact electronic antenna powered by SatixFy to connect to a LEO satellite constellation operated by OneWeb. The demonstration involved a super compact satellite terminal mounted on a car. The user terminal antenna performed several satellite and beam handovers, along with frequency hopping over the OneWeb LEO network at 1,200 km, while maintaining a simultaneous and continuous link with a GEO satellite at an altitude of 36,000 Km. Live 4K UHDTV video and audio streaming took place from the GEO satellite.

The new super compact user terminal will undergo further testing to unlock its full capabilities with LEO and GEO links for mobility services. Once testing and certification is completed, the user terminal will be optimized for different mobility use cases, including IFC, with a goal of providing an effective system for OneWeb commercial services for any moving platform on land, sea and air.

“I’m proud of this important milestone achieved by the whole SatixFy team, who cooperated together with our partners from OneWeb and CGI, with great support from the UK Space Agency and ESA. This test further validates our products addressing two of our major target markets: electronically-steered multibeam user terminals for mobility and the use of our terminals to address the large space-enabled 5G market. It has been a pleasure to work with OneWeb to demonstrate this unique capability.”

Simona Gat, SatixFy UK CEO 

Massimiliano Ladovaz, CTO at OneWeb said, “At OneWeb, our approach to delivering connectivity is through collaboration with world-class industry partners who share our vision of a truly connected world. We’re therefore delighted to partner with SatixFy on this UK and European Space Agency funded research program. We are working together to connect those hardest to reach with new Space-based LEO connectivity. The ground-breaking SatixFy electronically steered array antenna technology will, once in commercial production, enable mobility customers such as airlines, train operators, and coach companies to leverage the power not only of the OneWeb LEO network, but also terrestrial 5G and legacy GEO satellite networks. A hybrid, multi-beam, multi constellation solution that ensures that passengers remain connected no matter where they are – be it mid-air, mid-ocean or in the most remote corners of the world.”

Elodie Viau, ESA Telecom Director said, “This test is the first of its kind, and is a real team collaboration by ESA, OneWeb, and SatixFy UK. It connected the ESA 5G/6G Hub at the ESA/ECSAT Harwell site through OneWeb satellites, using the super flat and advanced antenna made by SatixFy UK for mobility services. Through the Sunrise Partnership Project we aim to show that 5G high quality and speed connectivity is now a reality, to the benefit of everybody, everyday and everywhere.”

Dr. Paul Brate, Chief Executive of the UK Space Agency, said “This is a world first which demonstrates the vital role that space can play in improving connectivity. SatixFy’s antenna technology, developed with UK Space Agency support, is advancing satellite communications, enabling new markets in collaboration with companies like OneWeb. The results of this trial will help transform how satellite and terrestrial networks interact, accelerating the development of technologies such as connected vehicles and autonomous cars. It is a great example of why we’re supporting ESA’s state-of-the-art 5G/6G hub in Harwell, which will create new commercial opportunities and catalyze investment into the UK’s thriving space sector.”

On March 8, 2022, SatixFy announced that it had entered into a definitive business combination agreement with Endurance Acquisition Corp. (NASDAQ: EDNC), a publicly-traded special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) formed by an affiliate of Antarctica Capital, an international private equity firm. Upon closing of the transaction, SatixFy’s shares are expected to trade on the Nasdaq stock exchange under the ticker symbol “SATX.”

About SatixFy

SatixFy develops end-to-end next-generation satellite communications systems, including satellite payloads, user terminals and modems, based on powerful chipsets that it develops in house.

SatixFy’s products include modems that feature Software Defined Radio (SDR) and Fully Electronically Steered Multi Beam Antennas (ESMA) that support the advanced communications standard DVB-S2X. SatixFy’s innovative ASICs and RFICs improve the overall performance of satellite communications systems, reduce the weight and power requirements of terminals and payloads, and save real estate for gateway equipment. SatixFy’s advanced VSATs and multi-beam fully electronically steered antenna arrays are optimized for a variety of mobile applications and services, using LEO, MEO and GEO satellite communications systems, for aero/in-flight connectivity systems, communications-on-the-move applications, satellite-enabled Internet-of-Things, machine-to-machine devices, and consumer user terminals.

About Endurance Acquisition Corp.

Endurance Acquisition Corp. (“Endurance”) is a special purpose acquisition company formed by an affiliate of Antarctica Capital, an international private equity firm, for the purpose of effecting a merger, capital stock exchange, asset acquisition, stock purchase, reorganization or similar business combination with one or more businesses. Endurance was founded on April 23, 2021 and is headquartered in New York, NY.


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Following our detailed infographic explaining the basics of VPS application in Forex trading, the IT specialists from Swiss Artmotion offer their own interpretation of the trading infrastructure problem. The infographic explains how the trader’s choice of server hardware (and software too) impacts the profits earned and lost. The main idea is that a meticulous selection process of a Forex VPS will help you to avoid many of the menacing obstacles, including high latency, freezes, connection losses, insecurity and others.

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