Run:ai announces the first Hybrid Cloud software solution to orchestrate AI workloads

Run:ai | September 01, 2022 | Read time : 02:50 min

Run:ai, the leader in compute orchestration for AI workloads, today announced that their Atlas Platform is the first to support hybrid cloud and multi-cloud AI Infrastructure. Run:ai's centralized monitoring and control panel provides a unified and consistent user experience to  manage resources running on different locations including on-prem and in the cloud. With Run:ai, organizations can easily take advantage of adopting a multi-cloud strategy avoiding unplanned downtime, boosting compute availability, and controlling costs.

"Using several cloud service providers or a combination of on-prem and cloud to manage infrastructure is the goal for most organizations but the challenges can be daunting. "Companies can underestimate the time and effort it takes to abstract infrastructure and migrate workloads to different clouds. Provider lock-in happens early and it can take months to train IT and DevOps teams on every environment. The lack of centralized monitoring also means that users must work with different tools to manage multiple clusters across multiple clouds - which differing price models further complicate."

Ronen Dar, co-founder and CTO of Run:ai

Run:ai's Atlas now provides a unified user experience through full abstraction so researchers can keep using each cloud provider's managed Kubernetes platform and leverage the best of every CSP's offering. Researchers can keep using their framework of choice and favorite development tools. Run:ai's Control Plane is a single pane of glass, with centralized & multi-tenant management of resources, utilization, health and performance across any aspect of the AI pipeline, no matter where the workloads are run. Run:ai also removes GPU configuration limitations, allowing teams to split GPUs into fractions for smaller inference workloads.

Many organizations are also seeking a hybrid cloud architecture to keep their most sensitive data on-prem - where costs might be lower and performance better - while still leveraging the benefits of the cloud, such as availability and scalability.

"With Run:ai, an AI healthcare company training models, for example, can keep their sensitive patient data on-prem, and once the model is trained, they can seamlessly move to the cloud to deploy to a customer." added Dar "Run:ai helps companies transition easily to a hybrid-cloud strategy and get the best of both worlds."

About Run:ai
Run:ai's Atlas Platform brings cloud-like simplicity to AI resource management - providing researchers with on-demand access to pooled resources for any AI workload. An innovative cloud-native operating system - which includes a workload-aware scheduler and an abstraction layer - helps IT simplify AI implementation, increase team productivity, and gain full utilization of expensive GPUs. Using Run:ai, companies streamline development, management, and scaling of AI applications across any infrastructure, including on-premises, edge and cloud.


Solução que atua para construir o futuro do e-commerce. A Adobe Commerce é solução líder no mercado, atende negócios B2B, B2C, B2B2C ou D2C, e impulsiona a jornada digital de empresas ao redor do mundo ao entregar experiências personalizadas, escaláveis e omnichannel em uma só plataforma. Saiba como criar momentos de compra que


Solução que atua para construir o futuro do e-commerce. A Adobe Commerce é solução líder no mercado, atende negócios B2B, B2C, B2B2C ou D2C, e impulsiona a jornada digital de empresas ao redor do mundo ao entregar experiências personalizadas, escaláveis e omnichannel em uma só plataforma. Saiba como criar momentos de compra que

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CoreWeave Raises $221M Series B to Expand Specialized Cloud Infrastructure Powering the Generative AI and Large Language Model Boom

Businesswire | April 21, 2023

CoreWeave a specialized cloud provider built for large-scale GPU-accelerated workloads, today announced it has secured $221 million in Series B funding. The round was led by Magnetar Capital (“Magnetar”), a leading alternative asset manager, with contributions from NVIDIA, and rounded out by Nat Friedman and Daniel Gross. The latest funding will be used to further expand CoreWeave’s specialized cloud infrastructure for compute-intensive workloads — including artificial intelligence and machine learning, visual effects and rendering, batch processing and pixel streaming — to meet the explosive demand for generative AI technology. This strategic focus has allowed CoreWeave to offer purpose-built, customized solutions that can outperform larger, more generalized cloud providers. The new capital will also support U.S.-based data center expansion with the opening of two new centers this year, bringing CoreWeave’s total North American-based data centers to five. “CoreWeave is uniquely positioned to power the seemingly overnight boom in AI technology with our ability to innovate and iterate more quickly than the hyperscalers,” said CoreWeave CEO and co-founder Michael Intrator. “Magnetar’s strong, continued partnership and financial support as lead investor in this Series B round ensures we can maintain that momentum without skipping a beat. Additionally, we’re thrilled to expand our collaboration with the team at NVIDIA. NVIDIA consistently pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in the field of technology, and their vision and guidance will be invaluable as we continue to scale our organization.” NVIDIA recently released the highest-performance data center GPU, the NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core, along with the NVIDIA HGX H100 platform. CoreWeave announced at the NVIDIA GTC conference in March that its HGX H100 clusters are live and currently serving clients such as Anlatan, the creators of NovelAI. In addition to HGX H100, CoreWeave offers more than 11 NVIDIA GPU SKUs, interconnected with the NVIDIA Quantum InfiniBand in-network computing platform, which are available to clients on demand and via reserved instance contracts. Investor Perspectives on $221M Series B Round “AI has reached an inflection point, and we’re seeing accelerated interest in AI computing infrastructure from startups to major enterprises,” said Manuvir Das, Vice President of Enterprise Computing at NVIDIA. “CoreWeave’s strategy of delivering accelerated computing infrastructure for generative AI, large language models and AI factories will help bring the highest-performance, most energy-efficient computing platform to every industry.” “With the seemingly limitless boundaries of AI applications and technologies, the demand for compute-intensive hardware and infrastructure is higher than it's ever been,” said Ernie Rogers, Magnetar’s chief operating officer. “CoreWeave’s innovative, agile and customizable product offering is well-situated to service this demand and the company is consequently experiencing explosive growth to support it. We are proud to collaborate with NVIDIA in supporting CoreWeave’s next phase of growth as it continues to bolster its already strong positioning in the marketplace.” About CoreWeave Founded in 2017, CoreWeave is a specialized cloud provider, delivering a massive scale of GPU compute resources on top of the industry’s fastest and most flexible infrastructure. CoreWeave builds cloud solutions for compute-intensive use cases — VFX and rendering, machine learning and AI, batch processing and pixel streaming — that are up to 35 times faster and 80% less expensive than the large, generalized public clouds.

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365 Data Centers Accelerates Momentum Bringing Comprehensive Infrastructure Services to the Market

businesswire | May 03, 2023

365 Data Centers, a leading provider of network-centric colocation, cloud solutions and network connectivity, announces its full suite of enterprise service capabilities have been expanded to 8 new data center locations and 35 new Points of Presence (PoPs). This single provider solution benefits agents, resellers and direct customers by offering a single provider with one MSA, one support team and one invoice for full-stack colocation, network, cloud and IT support services. 365 Data Centers’ complete infrastructure-as-a-service solution is now made easy for master agents and resellers with services available across 20 data centers, with reach to an additional 124 network PoPs and over 450 peering partners. In the last year, 365 Data Centers has added eight new data center facilities located in Alpharetta (GA), Aurora (CO), Carlstadt (NJ), Marlborough (MA), Philadelphia-Downtown (PA), Rancho Cordova (CA), Richardson (TX), and Smyrna (GA). With the addition of these markets, 365 Data Centers now operates 20 colocation facilities across the U.S., which are home to 111 carriers with 300 carrier Points-of-Presence (“PoPs”) across primarily edge markets. In addition to integrating new markets, 365 Data Centers is focused on continuing to deliver reliable and secure colocation, network, and cloud data center services. The provider offers industry-leading, comprehensive IP blend offerings, as well as redundant and BGP options within its facilities, in addition to seamless connectivity to data and applications hosted in the cloud. “We are excited to meet with industry leading partners and resellers at the Channel Partner Expo in Las Vegas starting on May 1, 2023 so that we can bring them simplified and comprehensive solutions for their enterprise customers,” comments Steve Oakie, Chief Revenue Officer of 365 Data Centers. “Finalizing the integration of the Sungard Availability Services assets we acquired has propelled our capabilities to be ranked among the top 50 data center operators by DigitalInfra. The additional facilities and network capabilities further solidify us as the leading network-centric edge data center provider in the U.S.” 365 Data Centers’ unique capabilities brings fully integrated Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions to enterprise customers across the nation. Simplifying service delivery, management, and ongoing operations is how 365 Data Centers helps companies realize Technology Humanized™. About 365 Data Centers: 365 Data Centers is a leading provider of hybrid Data Center solutions in 20 strategic, primarily edge, markets. Along with network-centric Data Centers in Alpharetta (GA), Aurora (CO), Boca Raton (FL), Bridgewater (NJ), Buffalo (NY), Carlstadt (NJ), Chicago (IL), Commack (NY), Detroit (MI), Fort Lauderdale (FL), Herndon (VA), Nashville (TN), Marlborough (MA), Philadelphia-University City (PA), Philadelphia Downtown (PA), New York City (NY), Rancho Cordova (CA), Richardson (TX), Smyrna (GA), and Tampa(FL). The company also operates a resilient, low latency, nationwide fiber network and 4 cloud regions. 365 serves more than 1,700 customers.

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All LightEdge Data Centers Now HITRUST Certified

prnewswire | April 12, 2023

LightEdge, the leader in compliant cloud and colocation for more than 25 years, has expanded its HITRUST partnership, adding HITRUST certifications for four additional data centers and publishing a HITRUST Shared Responsibility Matrix® (SRM). Developed jointly by HITRUST and LightEdge, LightEdge's SRM clearly defines security and privacy responsibilities between LightEdge and its customers, which in turn streamlines processes for risk management programs. LightEdge is one of only 14 companies globally that have published a HITRUST SRM. This latest addition of four HITRUST certifications means that all 11 LightEdge data centers are now HITRUST certified. HITRUST was established in 2007 to help mitigate the risks associated with a data breach of personal health information. One of the most widely adopted security frameworks in the healthcare industry today, HITRUST certification demonstrates that systems within LightEdge's environment meet the information risk management and compliance requirements to protect healthcare data. To achieve HITRUST certification, providers must undergo an extremely rigorous process. According to HITRUST, upwards of 80 percent of U.S. hospitals and 85 percent of U.S. health insurers use the HITRUST approach to help with HIPAA compliance. "In our eyes, HITRUST compliance is necessary for securely hosting healthcare data, but it's incredibly expensive and time-consuming to achieve and maintain," said Michael Hannan, Chief Security & Chief Information Officer for LightEdge. "With more than 150 of our customers in the healthcare or healthcare services industries, we take HITRUST very seriously." Not only does LightEdge offer HITRUST-compliant data centers, the company can also help its customers achieve their own HITRUST certifications. LightEdge is one of only 39 organizations worldwide that are part of the HITRUST Inheritance Program, which allows customers to inherit relevant LightEdge controls and put them toward their own HITRUST assessments. "The HITRUST Inheritance Program allows our customers to save internal resources when it's time for an audit, protect their customers' critical data with complete faith, and safeguard their brand from breaches," said Shelby Eckard, Compliance Manager at LightEdge. "Most importantly, our clients can rest assured that they have the backing of a trusted and respected third party expert that's been HITRUST-certified for years." About LightEdge LightEdge Solutions is the regional leader in colocation and private cloud services for highly regulated organizations who value always on uptime for their mission critical workloads. LightEdge owns and operates eleven purpose-built data centers across the United States. With 25 years in business, LightEdge offers full stack technology services that deliver unbeatable uptime, security, and flexibility for their clients. Their premier colocation, cloud, disaster recovery, and security solutions are designed to support complex hybrid IT deployments and audited against the industry's top security and compliance standards

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