Point2 Technology invests $22M in data center and 5G connectivity solutions

Point2 Technology | May 27, 2022

Point2 Technology
Point2 Technology, a leading developer of high-performance, low-power connectivity solutions for cloud and 5G infrastructure, has raised $22 million in a Series B round of funding. Molex Ventures, Samsung Securities, Shinhan Capital, Tigris Investment, K2 Investments, and Korea Omega Investment were among the new investors in the round, led by GU Equity Partners, LLC. In addition, the fundraising round included existing investors GU Equity Partners, Timefolio Investment, Nautilus Venture Partners, Quantum Ventures Korea, and Walden International.

Point2 Technology develops and manufactures low-power, high-speed point-to-point interconnect solutions for 5G infrastructure and cloud-based data centers. Due to appealing economics, these network requirements are constantly increasing, pushing interconnect speeds past 400G and even 800G. High-performance, low-power, and cost-effective interconnect technologies are required for next-generation data centers to considerably improve reach and capacity.

"We are pleased to have a new investor of the caliber and reputation of Molex Ventures join our existing group of top-tier investors. Enthusiastic investor support culminates an exciting year of growth across all dimensions of our business and validates our momentum in the fast-growing infrastructure interconnect market. Point2 has developed innovative technologies that dramatically drive down the costs and power demands of high-performance connectivity solutions for multi-terabit 5G and cloud-based data centers. This funding round will help us expand further into multiple market segments and develop new products as we position the company for long-term growth."

said Sean Park, CEO of Point2 Technology

The primary challenges with copper and optical interconnects that limit performance and raise the total cost of ownership of high-speed networks have been solved by Point2 Technology. To proliferate 400G disaggregated chassis designs for hyperscale data centers, Point2's high-performance interconnect solutions offer a cost-effective alternative to expensive active optical cables (AOC) and performance-limited direct attach cables (DAC). To meet the growing demand for high-speed, high-capacity data center, cloud, and edge-optimized technologies, the company's scalable interconnect solutions extend the reach and capacity of active electrical cable (AEC), optical, and wireless solutions.

"Point2 Technology has the leadership team, breakthrough technology and the track record of execution necessary to deliver industry-leading interconnect solutions to its customers and superior financial performance for investors," said Kangwoon Lee, senior executive director, GU Equity Partners. "The company is very well positioned to help grow the optical interconnect networking industry into the multi-terabit era. We look forward to partnering with the Point2 Technology team to support the company's long-term growth strategy."

As the company expands into several countries and accelerates installations, Point2 Technology expects to use the current amount of capital to execute its growth strategy by increasing its product roadmap and scope of product capabilities. With its complete reference design, which includes a printed circuit board (PCB), comprehensive software, and built-in self-test capabilities geared for high-volume manufacturing, the company helps customers get to production rapidly.


Networks are at the heart of the unstoppable evolution to a digital economy. Digitalization is changing the way businesses, partners, employees, and consumers interact at an unprecedented pace. Products and services can be customized, ordered and delivered at the click of a button using web-based applications. Business data can be acquired, analyzed and exchanged in near-real time. Geographic boundaries between businesses and consumers are diminishing. And the network is at the center of communication to and between the applications driving the digital economy.


Networks are at the heart of the unstoppable evolution to a digital economy. Digitalization is changing the way businesses, partners, employees, and consumers interact at an unprecedented pace. Products and services can be customized, ordered and delivered at the click of a button using web-based applications. Business data can be acquired, analyzed and exchanged in near-real time. Geographic boundaries between businesses and consumers are diminishing. And the network is at the center of communication to and between the applications driving the digital economy.

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Gooddata | June 15, 2022

GoodData, the industry leader in data and analytics infrastructure, announced a technical alliance with Snowflake, the Data Cloud startup, to help customers get more value out of their data. "GoodData and Snowflake share a vision for a data-driven world, and GoodData's unique, direct-query-only integration with the Snowflake™ platform aims to achieve this goal. We are excited to partner with Snowflake to help customers optimize the Snowflake Data Cloud and empower data users throughout the entire business." GoodData's Founder and CEO, Roman Stanek GoodData's API-first strategy integrates real-time insights into any digital workspace or work environment. Snowflake's current cloud data management infrastructure supports GoodData's focus on scale and real-time analytics, and the technological integration expands platform capabilities: There will be no more data silos. With GoodDataTM headless BI querying your Snowflake data, you can get consistent analytics insights without frequently relocating data. Real-time analytics in a hurry. Execute GoodData analytics straight from your Snowflake data in real-time, ensuring the most up-to-date data for data-driven decision-making. Scalable architecture. No matter how basic or complex the use case, scale GoodData analytics efficiently by data volume, cost, and users without sacrificing performance. Analytics for multiple tenants. Deliver consistent, configurable GoodData analytics to multiple teams, partners, and clients via a multi-tenant architecture. Snowflake and GoodData interfaces are transforming knowledge employees into data citizens and assisting in developing data-based revenue streams to propel enterprises forward. "We are excited to partner with GoodData. Our customers can take advantage of real-time queries, scalable analytics and flexible API that the GoodData platform provides to maximize their success with Snowflake Data Cloud," said Tarik Dwiek, Head of Technology Alliances at Snowflake.

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Juniper Networks Chosen by Jazz to Build Fully-Automated Data Center Infrastructure to Support Data, Music and Video Services

Juniper Networks | August 09, 2022

Juniper Networks , a leader in secure, AI-driven networks, today announced that it has been selected by Jazz, Pakistan’s number one 4G operator and the largest internet and leading digital service provider, to create a transformative, expanded and upgraded data center network to underpin Jazz’s services delivery platform for its 74.9 million subscribers. Jazz’s objective was to reimagine its architectural approach by leveraging continuous automation, assurance and data-driven insights to deliver a superior network user experience at scale while simplifying its operations. Jazz offers the broadest portfolio of value-added digital services to enterprises and subscribers in Pakistan and has built a reputation for cutting-edge innovation with the ability to scale cloud-based services quickly and reliably. Following a rigorous vendor-agnostic technology appraisal, focused on the operational and cost efficiencies made possible by network automation, Jazz selected Juniper’s technology and expertise to underpin this latest project. Juniper’s advanced automation capabilities, transforming the entire network management lifecycle process within a single system, were a standout in the market. News Highlights The new network will support a wide range of customer-facing services that demand reliability and fast data throughput to support a consistently strong user experience. These include cloud-based enterprise data services, mobile banking, music and video download/streaming services, as well as professional services such as an agricultural application for four million farmers who rely on it for information, advice and guidance in remote areas. Jazz will also use the network to power key internal workloads such as CRM and billing. Jazz will deploy the Juniper Apstra System to deliver true intent-based networking (IBN) capabilities. This enables Jazz to design and operate its data center network based on outcomes, with the entire data center lifecycle automated, from Day 0 (design) through Day 1 (configuration and deployment) to Day 2+ (ongoing operations). The network’s initial design is tied to day-to-day operations, enabling a single source of truth throughout its lifecycle. Automation provides a continuous feedback loop of real-time data insights, validation and root cause identification to minimize mean-time-to-repair (MTTR). This approach will enable Jazz to operate a much more efficient, reliable and agile network. It will help to deploy new service features, optimizing user experience for both network teams and customers. The new data center infrastructure includes a spine-and-leaf architecture built with the Juniper Networks QFX Series Switches and fully integrated with the Juniper Apstra System. Jazz has previously deployed MX Series Universal Routing Platforms from Juniper for 400G-ready connectivity for its metro and internet gateway infrastructure. The new QFXs leverage the same Junos® OS operating system, providing a consistent networking estate for Jazz to manage and operate. “In common with all service providers globally, Jazz faces relentless data demand and heightened expectations for seamless digital services. As a result, we wanted to completely rethink our data center operations, using ground-breaking automation to create the best possible user experiences for our enterprise customers and subscribers. Operational simplicity was another important goal, to deliver cost reductions and improved ease of use for our technical teams in the face of massive demand at scale. We evaluated multiple vendors, but Juniper’s ability to deliver the exact networking outcomes we needed meant that a highly strategic decision was very straightforward to make.” Abdul Rehman Usmani, Vice President of Technology at Jazz “The power of automation, bound within a single operational framework thanks to intent-based networking, enables Jazz to address the relevant operational questions, find the right answers quickly and make the best decisions. This means its network becomes a strategic business tool, leveraging data to deliver robust deployment and operational efficiencies and eliminates traditional network constraints that force choices between speed and reliability. Based on data from other Juniper customers, the result will be dramatic savings on downstream costs and tremendous returns on networking investments.” Mike Bushong, Vice President, Cloud Ready Data Center at Juniper Networks About Juniper Networks Juniper Networks is dedicated to dramatically simplifying network operations and driving superior experiences for end users. Our solutions deliver industry-leading insight, automation, security and AI to drive real business results. We believe that powering connections will bring us closer together while empowering us all to solve the world’s greatest challenges of well-being, sustainability and equality.

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Portworx by Pure Storage Recognized as the Leader in Kubernetes Storage for Three Consecutive Years by GigaOm

Pure Storage | August 08, 2022

Pure Storage® , the IT pioneer that delivers the world's most advanced data storage technology and services, today announced it was named the leader for the third consecutive year in the GigaOm Radar Report for Enterprise Kubernetes Storage, which analyzed enterprise storage systems with support for Kubernetes-based workloads, and its companion report for Cloud-Native Kubernetes Data Storage, which analyzed Kubernetes-native storage solutions built specifically to support stateful containers with scalable, distributed architectures. According to the GigaOm Radar Report for Cloud-Native Kubernetes Storage, Portworx® by Pure Storage "is one of the most advanced solutions for enterprise Kubernetes storage" and "remains the gold standard in cloud-native Kubernetes storage for the enterprise" as "a complete enterprise-grade solution with outstanding data management capabilities, unmatched deployment possibilities, and superior management features." Across criteria and evaluation metrics, Portworx was ranked by GigaOm as a "strong focus and perfect fit" in advanced data services, advanced CSI integration, deployment models, control plane architecture, developer experience, visibility and insights, as well as architecture, scalability, flexibility, manageability, and performance. Portworx continues to advance the innovation of its Kubernetes Data Platform to bring databases such as Kafka, Cassandra, and Postgres under one platform in the most simple and reliable manner with Portworx Data Services. The GigaOm Radar Report for Enterprise Kubernetes Storage claimed "the integration of Portworx Essentials on Pure Storage controller-based architectures significantly enhances data efficiency because users benefit from the data reduction capabilities offered by the storage arrays." The report also highlights that this powerful integration "allows organizations to seamlessly deploy cloud-native workloads on a proven Kubernetes storage solution, and as their needs grow, they can effortlessly migrate those workloads to the full Portworx solution if they decide to adopt it." Once again, Pure Storage received the highest scores among all market segments, deployment models, and evaluation metrics in the analysis. "For three consecutive years, we've been recognized as a Leader and Outperformer by GigaOm Radar. Customers running containers and databases at scale in production use Portworx to ensure highly reliable, available and secure Kubernetes data storage capabilities. I'm incredibly proud of our Portworx engineering team's recognition by GigaOm as we continue on our mission to help enterprises unleash the power of data." Murli Thirumale, VP, GM Cloud Native Business Unit, Pure Storage In addition to the GigaOm Radar Reports for Cloud-Native Kubernetes Data Storage and Enterprise Kubernetes Data Storage, Pure Storage has been consistently recognized as a leader across the other GigaOm reports for which it qualifies, including High-Performance Object Storage, Kubernetes Data Protection, and Enterprise General-Purpose Storage Systems. About Pure Storage Pure Storage uncomplicates data storage, forever. Pure Storage delivers a cloud experience that empowers every organization to get the most from their data while reducing the complexity and expense of managing the infrastructure behind it. Pure Storage's commitment to providing true storage as-a-service gives customers the agility to meet changing data needs at speed and scale, whether they are deploying traditional workloads, modern applications, containers, or more. Pure Storage believes it can make a significant impact in reducing data center emissions worldwide through its environmental sustainability efforts, including designing products and solutions that enable customers to reduce their carbon and energy footprint. And with a certified customer satisfaction score in the top one percent of B2B companies, Pure Storage's ever-expanding list of customers are among the happiest in the world.

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