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With Polte Mobile IoT Location Technology, PassTime GPS Revolutionizes Encore Asset Tracking Solutions

Today, PassTime GPS, a main supplier of car and IoT GPS arrangements, reported an essential organization with Polte Corporation, the pioneer of Cloud Location over Cellular (C-LoC) innovation, to join profoundly exact Polte Mobile IoT area into PassTime's line of Encore resource trackers. Together, PassTime and Polte will empower Buy Here Pay Here sellers, establishment vendors, powersports vendors, car money organizations, in addition to a wide scope of clients in different businesses to safely find vehicles and resources practically anyplace that GPS gets inaccessible. This incorporation will permit Encore resource trackers to keep up the most minimal force profile at the littlest size conceivable.

Polte's multi-licensed C-LoC innovation creates the most precise cell area available, utilizing pervasive 4G and 5G cell network signals and the Polte IoT Cloud (PIC) to convey ongoing experiences as gadgets move inside, outside, and wherever in the middle. Polte's problematic methodology kills the mass and cost of extra equipment or foundation required for situating with conventional innovations, while saving battery by offloading computational unpredictability from the gadget to the cloud.

With finished business mix of Polte's area innovation, PassTime's Encore line of resource trackers, expected to consolidate Polte's area innovation in mid 2021, will fill in the holes in insight left by contenders utilizing exclusively GPS for situating. This new organization changes the client experience, permitting, for instance, vehicles to be all the more immediately recuperated or found whenever left inside or in parking structures. This smoothes out activities and cost of capital, eliminating the time needed to look for missing resources. Polte carries more prominent speed to ROI and a more straightforward, more nimble expansion to PassTime's area the board. Rather than hybridizing with substitute alternatives, for example, Wi-Fi or BLE, Polte's mix takes out the requirement for the huge overhead and bother of passages or reference point organizations.

"Selecting Polte's Mobile IoT location technology as an augmentation to our Encore product line was simple," PassTime EVP and CTO Todd Goodnight said. "Taking advantage of Polte not only allows us to unlock precise location and indoor visibility where GPS falls short, but reinforces our value promise: providing long battery life trackers that are compact, easy to use and require no installation. Our customers will now have everything they need to safeguard vehicles and precious assets against loss or theft." 

"Powered by Polte" PassTime Encore trackers incorporate WNC's 5G compatible LTE-M module containing a Sony Semiconductor Israel chipset, utilizing both Mobile IoT hardware partners to deliver massive scale, security and power savings for a variety of customers looking to connect their vehicles and protect their assets.

"We are excited to work with PassTime to offer unprecedented location intelligence to the automotive industry," Polte CEO Ed Chao said. "Due to Polte's use of cellular networks for positioning, the evolution of Encore will only become more powerful with the expansion of 5G. Together, we are setting the new standard for vehicle asset tracking."

About Polte Corporation: 

Polte, the innovator of Cloud Location over Cellular (C-LoC) technology, provides disruptive, low-cost indoor and outdoor IoT location solutions that empower enterprises with unprecedented, real-time visibility into all the things that matter. Leveraging global 4G and 5G cellular signals, Polte transforms what is possible with asset tracking by driving heightened accessibility and greater speed to ROI for supply chain, logistics, manufacturing, and a wide range of other sectors.



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