Ori and KX Deliver Real-Time Streaming Analytics with Unprecedented Performance Using Telco Edge

Ori and KX | August 11, 2021

Ori Industries, the global edge computing infrastructure firm, has partnered with KX, a worldwide leader in real-time streaming analytics, to provide an ultra-low latency streaming analytics solution for edge devices, leveraging Tier 1 telco networks to get closer to application users.

The integration of Ori's Global Edge (OGE) platform and KX's market-leading streaming analytics software enables real-time in-stream analytics at the edge, significantly increasing the speed at which data can be analysed while also reducing the amount of data that needs to be sent to the cloud for processing.

For organisations that run a distributed computing environment yet are either unable or as yet unwilling to migrate systems fully to the cloud, this approach delivers all the management and scalability benefits of cloud computing without the associated risks around latency, reliability, security and cost. The combined solution enables automated scaling via Kubernetes and self-healing of workloads, with a standardised set of APIs for ease of use.

The ability to push events in real-time to downstream systems is ideally suited for use-cases where large-scale IoT or Mobile Edge Compute (MEC) architectures are running across multiple infrastructures, environments, and geographies, such as autonomous vehicles, predictive maintenance, smart cities and mobile gaming, as well as other high performance, low latency, secure and private enterprise applications for industrial and mission critical infrastructure.

Andy Corston-Petrie, BT's Senior Manager, Mobile Core Networks Research, said: "Enterprises rely increasingly on latency-sensitive solutions that run on premise or in the cloud. With a private edge offering, we can unlock the edge for our enterprise customers who require secure, rapid decision making in highly regulated or closed environments."

Tier 1 telcos like BT are assessing the potential of edge computing and finding the opportunities, trade-offs and requirements that will unlock different business models at the edge, as they look to offer the benefits of cloud with the reliability and performance of edge for their enterprise customers.

Corston-Petrie added: "In Ori Industries and KX, we see partners who can deliver on that edge potential. Together, we can enable enterprise customers to leverage on-site data and analyse it at the source, reducing the time needed for critical decision making."

Douglas Mancini, Chief Commercial Officer at Ori Industries said: "In pairing one of the industry's fastest streaming analytics solutions with our low latency delivery stack we're enabling telcos to leverage their networks like never before, opening up the true promise of 5G."

Paul Hollway, Head of Partnerships at KX said: "We know from our own research that reducing the decision-making window using real-time data analytics is becoming a critical requirement for more and more organisations across all industry sectors. We're excited to be working with Ori to deliver this capability through its platform."

About Ori Industries

Ori Industries is building the world's largest Distributed Edge Cloud that empowers telcos to leverage their network advantages and helps applications run faster. Ori's platforms seamlessly connect developers and enterprises with the highest performing local, regional and global communication networks, delivering unprecedented cost, performance and security at the Edge.

About KX:

KX, the leading technology for real-time continuous intelligence, is part of First Derivatives plc, a group of data-driven businesses that unlock the value of insight, hindsight and foresight to drive organisations forward. KX Streaming Analytics, built on the kdb+ time-series database, is an industry leading high-performance, in-memory computing, streaming analytics and operational intelligence platform. It delivers the best possible performance and flexibility for high-volume, data-intensive analytics and applications across multiple industries. The Group operates from 15 offices across Europe, North America and Asia Pacific and employs more than 2,500 people worldwide.


A criatividade é a sua vantagem competitiva. Atualmente em seu 13º ano, os dados e as pesquisas do Digital Trends Report mostram a você como as tendências e oportunidades de hoje moldarão a economia digital.


A criatividade é a sua vantagem competitiva. Atualmente em seu 13º ano, os dados e as pesquisas do Digital Trends Report mostram a você como as tendências e oportunidades de hoje moldarão a economia digital.

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Supra ITS, a Canon Managed IT Partner, Announces the Acquisition of FlexITy's Managed Services business.

newswire | April 11, 2023

Supra ITS, a leading provider of IT Managed Services, announced today the acquisition of Flexity's Managed IT and VOIP Services. The acquisition brings a number of trained IT personnel to the Supra family, along with tools, processes and data centers that clients have relied on for their IT and telephony needs over the years. "We are delighted to welcome Flexity's clients to Supra ITS," said Sanjeev Spolia, CEO of Supra ITS. "Our nimble approach enables us to support customers of all sizes and industries, and we are proud to have built long-standing relationships with many of our clients for the last 24 years. By joining the tools, technologies, and people with Supra, we will be able to enhance services and improve efficiencies, delivering more value to our joint customers." Supra ITS is a Canon Managed IT Partner, and as such, is backed by the stability and global reach of this world-renowned organization. This partnership enables Supra ITS to provide cutting-edge technology solutions and world-class support to ensure that clients' business operations run smoothly. Supra ITS has an IT team of over 200 professionals, 4 data centers, top-tier security certifications (ISO 9000, ISO 20001, ISO 27000, and SOC 2), 24x7 continuous around-the-clock support, and industry-leading cyber-security services, including our innovative Network-Security Operations Center (The NSOC). "FlexITy is delighted Supra ITS is acquiring our managed services businesses," stated Geoff Kereluik, EVP with FlexITy Solutions. "Flexity's customers are accustomed to receiving a very high level of support. Supra ITS is ideally equipped to continue to provide the level of service our customers have come to expect. Supra ITS' increased scale, scope of deliverables and certifications will ensure our customers' current requirements are continued to be met while benefitting from having access to advanced solutions and deliverables moving forward. FlexITy is fully committed to working with Supra ITS to ensure the smooth transition of all our customers managed services." "We understand that every business is unique, which is why we will take the time to understand each client's specific needs and tailor our services to meet those needs," said Justin Folkerts, CTO of Supra ITS. "We are thrilled to have Flexity's clients on board and look forward to working with them to achieve their business goals." About Supra ITS Supra ITS is a Canadian company that specializes in Information and Communications Technology solutions, and it operates as a Canon Managed IT Partner. Over the years, the company has built a reputation for providing high-quality, proactive, and exceptional customer service. Supra ITS has a diverse clientele that includes blue-chip multinationals, government agencies, and small to medium-sized enterprises. With an experienced team, cutting-edge tools, and unparalleled expertise, Supra ITS offers a wide spectrum of services, including Managed IT, Cyber-Security, Business Process Outsourcing, and Custom Application Development, to meet the unique needs of its clients.

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IDTechEx Discusses Thermal Interface Materials Breaking the Status Quo as EV Batteries Evolve

IDTechEx | March 27, 2023

Thermal Interface Material (TIM) plays an important role in power electronics, computing processors, sensors, and energy storage devices. TIMs are the materials used to fill the void between heat sources and heat sinks to enhance heat transfer. TIMs come in a variety of forms, including gap pads, thermal greases, thermally conductive adhesives, and phase change materials. The form varies significantly across target application areas, cost, and ease of mass deployment. With the ever-increasing power demand and heat generation for many emerging industries, such as data centers, 5G, and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), TIMs are experiencing rapid growth and evolution, leading to significant market opportunities and massive potential for each of the target industries. Electric Vehicles (EVs) are a fast-growing market; IDTechEx forecasts that electric vehicle markets across land, sea, and air will generate US$2.6 trillion by 2042 with a double-digit annual growth rate. The battery is undoubtedly one of the most important components of an EV. Together with the fast adoption of EVs, there is also a trend for higher power density, larger battery capacity, and faster charging. TCAs have the fastest growth but gap fillers retain their dominant position over the next ten years. Source: IDTechEx - "Thermal Interface Materials 2023-2033: Technologies, Markets and Opportunities". The most used TIM forms in the EV battery industry include gap pads, gap fillers, and thermally conductive adhesives (TCAs). There is no "one-size-fits-all" solution when it comes to TIM form, and the choice is ultimately subject to battery design configuration. Gap filler is by far the most widely adopted TIM for EV batteries at this stage, thanks to their superior ability to be efficiently dispensed at high volumes. However, in order to increase energy density and achieve a longer range, EV batteries have been shifting from modular to cell-to-pack designs. This shift is expected to have profound impacts on the adoption of TIMs. Modular battery designs consist of multiple individual battery modules connected to form a battery pack. Each module has a separate casing and requires a separate TIM to transfer heat from the cell to the cooling system. In contrast, the cell-to-pack design combines the battery cells into a single, large battery module, eliminating the need for separate module housings and TIMs. This battery transition reduces TIM usage per vehicle as there are fewer thermal interfaces between the cells and the cooling plate. The elimination of module housings means cells can directly contact the cooling plate, thereby changing the performance requirements of the TIM. The TIM needs to transfer heat efficiently to avoid hotspots, as well as present good material compatibility with the cold plate. As the TIMs are positioned directly between the cells and the cold plate, an increased adhesion of TIMs is needed to stick the cells and cold plates together. Therefore, IDTechEx forecasts thermally conductive adhesives to be increasingly adopted thanks to this battery design transition, and by 2020, the market size of TCA within the EV industry is expected to have a 15-fold increase. More details about the opportunities associated with this transition are included in IDTechEx's latest research, "Thermal Interface Materials 2023-2033: Technologies, Markets and Opportunities". About IDTechEx IDTechEx guides your strategic business decisions through its Research, Subscription and Consultancy products, helping you profit from emerging technologies.

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Zeeve Partners with Polygon Labs, Becoming a Key Infrastructure Provider, and Implementation Partner for Polygon Supernets

Globenewswire | May 11, 2023

Zeeve, a top-tier Web3 Infrastructure as a Service platform compliant with ISO 27001, SOC2 Type2, and GDPR standards, has joined forces with Polygon Labs to serve as a key infrastructure provider and implementation partner for Polygon Supernets. This aims to simplify the deployment and management of app-chains on Polygon Supernets, making it easier for businesses and developers to launch their own Blockchain along with the necessary infrastructure like explorer, wallet, faucet, etc. in no time. In simple terms, Supernets let projects and enterprises create highly scalable Layer3 blockchain networks that fit their specific blockspace requirements while inheriting the security and integrity of the Polygon PoS and Ethereum mainnet. Supernet’s strong points, including customizable virtual machines, compliance implementation choices, native gas tokens, and custom fee structures, make it an ideal platform for developers to build on. With this integration and implementation support, Zeeve is expanding the benefits of its dependable enterprise-grade infrastructure stack to all those seeking to harness Polygon Supernets for their dApp, along with 24k+ developers and 100+ institutions already on the Zeeve platform. "We are pleased to announce our collaboration with Zeeve Inc. as a Supernets Implementation Partner. Zeeve's strong capabilities in enterprise-grade AppChain deployments and dedication to innovation and excellence resonate well with our values at Polygon. Working together, we aim to deliver scalable, secure, and efficient Supernets AppChains infrastructure solutions while striving to enhance our services for our clients. This partnership enables us to offer various services, including implementing, deploying, and maintaining Supernets AppChains, focusing on meeting our client's needs and promoting adopting AppChains technologies responsibly and sustainably," said Sunny Kaiwar, Sr. Solution Architect, Head of Implementation Partners. “We're thrilled to join forces with Polygon Labs and become an integral part of the Supernets partners eco-system,” said Dr Ravi Chamria co-founder and CEO of Zeeve. "With Supernets, developers can build blockchains customized for their dApp, keeping in mind their workloads and required services. And with Zeeve’s automated no-code deployment architecture helping you with 1-click bootstrapping of nodes, you can focus on Go-to-market and user strategies while we manage the underlying infrastructure.” Zeeve's comprehensive support for Polygon Supernets offers numerous advantages, including Migration assistance (6.X to 8.X) and compatibility with new Supernets versions (8.X) Secure RPC API endpoints to connect with Supernets. Smart contracts, validator allow listing, Block explorer, and indexer support for Supernet networks. Native cross-chain bridge plugin support, flexible autoscaling, load balancing, and disaster recovery of nodes Associated infrastructure components including explorer, wallet and faucet Advanced monitoring system for machines, blockchain networks, and smart contracts management Marketplace for Supernet validators, In-depth configuration support for tokenomics and asset management “Supernets give you the flexibility of Permissioned blockchains along with the security and decentralization inherent in a public blockchain,” said Ghan Vashishtha co-founder and CTO of Zeeve. “Working with Zeeve makes the development, deployment, and maintenance of Supernet-based networks a breeze. Taking advantage of Polygon Supernets’ features on Zeeve, developers can efficiently build enterprise-grade dApps across diverse sectors such as DeFi, gaming, entertainment, and more. Our commitment to optimizing developer workflows ultimately leads to a superior user experience on a broader scale.” To bring Web3 to the masses, it's crucial to simplify blockchain development while ensuring scalability and app-specific customization. Polygon Supernet represents a substantial advancement toward achieving this goal, and Zeeve is playing a vital role in its implementation. Zeeve's battle-tested infrastructure stack, coupled with its team of world-class blockchain experts and a proven track record of deploying over 4,000+ nodes across 40+ protocols, positions them as a valuable contributor to the Web3 ecosystem. About Zeeve Zeeve is the leading Institutional staking and Web3 infrastructure provider in the world. Zeeve provides enterprise-grade web3 infrastructure, including full nodes and staking infrastructure for 40+ Blockchain protocols. Zeeve’s robust and reliable Web3 infrastructure platform has won the trust of thousands of web3 startups and investors across geographies. With 24,000+ developers, 100+ large enterprises, and 4,000+ nodes, Zeeve is the preferred developer and staking infrastructure provider for all the popular Blockchain protocols.

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