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NEXCOM Creates Advanced 5G Solution Based on Thales Cinterion IoT Technology

To address the massive demand for wireless connectivity in today's competitive IT environments, NEXCOM, a global provider of network appliances, is introducing a new universal customer premises equipment (uCPE) solution. The DTA 1164W, the newest addition to NEXCOM's expanding uCPE product range, leverages the award-winning Thales Cinterion® MV31-W Ultra High-Speed IoT Modem Card to offer 5G cellular access and capabilities. Together, the Intel Atom® C3000R processor-powered uCPE packs improved security features that offer outstanding performance per watt and PoE (Power over Ethernet) functionality, as well as various connectivity options, such as WiFi5/6 and 4G LTE/5G, in a single compact appliance.

This long-awaited 5G network appliance has attracted the attention of Taiwanese operators as well as major players in the global telecom market. Wireless broadband has encouraged IT professionals to explore cost-effective and time-efficient solutions for quick deployment and easy maintenance without losing networking and computing performance. The DTA 1164W, built in such a context, offers an excellent solution that includes all of the functionality needed by a wide range of IT scenarios.

"NEXCOM's collaboration with Thales for 5G enablement is a bold step in terms of product positioning and marketing," said Allan Chiu, VP of Network & Communication Solutions at NEXCOM. "We are proud to have such a dependable partner as Thales, whose experience and multinational footprint assists NEXCOM not only during the development stage, but also during the entire product life cycle, including sales and services, and we will continue to collaborate on future challenges."

"The Thales collaboration with NEXCOM brings 5G cellular connectivity to this first-of-its-kind 5G universal customer premises equipment (uCPE), and it represents a major transformation in wireless connectivity," said Sashidhar Thothadri, Thales' VP IoT Products Global Sales, Analytics & IoT Solutions. "Our award-winning Cinterion IoT Modem Card provides ultra-fast 5G improved mobile broadband with 4G fallback, guaranteeing incredibly low latency and higher throughput." uCPE provides the most advanced and reliable capabilities to satisfy the most challenging last-mile connectivity priorities, including trusted 5G reliability.


NEXCOM was founded in 1992 and is based in Taipei, Taiwan. NEXCOM runs six multinational companies that integrate diverse capabilities, including the Network and Communication Solutions (NCS) segment, which specializes in high-performance computing and network technology and is dedicated to assisting clients in the development of network infrastructure. The network application framework developed by NCS is commonly used in CDN, Cyber Security Appliance, Load Balancer, uCPE, Router, SD-WAN, Edge Computing, Storage, NVR, and other network applications.



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