Movandi and Doosan Partner to Deliver 5G mmWave Phased Array Antenna Modules

Movandi | January 07, 2022

Movandi, a leader in 5G millimeter-wave (mmWave) RF technologies and software, announced a partnership with Doosan Group, a multinational manufacturing company headquartered in South Korea, to design and manufacture smart repeater modules based on Movandi’s BeamXR technology. They will be showcasing this new partnership and 5G solutions at CES 2022 in Las Vegas, January 5-7, 2022.

Based on Movandi’s second-generation 5G RF-to-antenna BeamX technology and commercially available today, the company’s latest 28 GHz MV285x 5G mmWave module solution will be on display at the Doosan Booth #5318 during CES. Together, Movandi and Doosan are delivering BeamXR-powered platforms including O-RAN RU radio units, small cells, mobile devices to global providers of 5G mmWave network repeater equipment including FRTek (Fiber Radio Technologies), a leading supplier of wireless solutions.

“We’re honored that BeamXR technology is taking center stage at multiple venues at CES 2022 including Doosan’s exhibit hall booth,Movandi’s manufacturing partnership with Doosan will accelerate our market momentum in rolling out BeamXR smart repeater technology to key 5G ecosystem players around the world who share our commitment to realizing the 5G vision with rapid, cost-effective mmWave deployments.”

Maryam Rofougaran, CEO and founder of Movandi

Underscoring Movandi’s outstanding design and engineering achievements, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) recently recognized Movandi as a CES 2022 Innovation Awards Honoree in the embedded technologies category for its BeamXR 5G smart repeater technology.

Movandi recently announced new, upgraded features and capabilities for BeamXR-powered smart repeaters including expanded mmWave spectrum up to 60 GHz, sub-6 GHz RF modules, new mesh indoor and outdoor software with cloud intelligence, and outdoor solar-powered smart repeater support to reduce 5G deployment costs. These Movandi-powered smart repeater solutions are available today and being deployed by global 5G operators.

BeamXR technology is the industry’s first smart repeater solution designed to solve real-world 5G mmWave deployment challenges, penetrate physical barriers in indoor, outdoor and mobile environments, and accelerate large-scale 5G commercialization. Movandi-powered BeamXR smart repeaters reduce the CAPEX and OPEX of mmWave deployment by 50 percent. To learn more, read the Mobile Experts whitepaper, Repeaters Cut 5G mm-Wave Costs in Half. For additional BeamXR technical details, please visit Movandi products.

About Movandi
Movandi is a 5G millimeter-wave solutions company focused on the design and development of deep semiconductor technology powering 5G and beyond, interconnecting our world and enabling AI applications across multiple industries. The company was founded by former Broadcom innovators who are RF and SoC world-recognized pioneers and visionaries, whose innovations have shaped and transformed wireless in the last few decades. Having pioneered wireless RF systems, Movandi is solving real-world 5G millimeter-wave deployments with unmatched differentiation and high-performance core 5G technology in RF, IP and unique engineering methodology that enables service providers and industry partners to launch indoor, outdoor and mobile enhanced 5G millimeter-wave services at 50% lower costs.


Mobile communications has brought about profound changes in people's lives. In order to cope with a burst of traffic growth in 2020, the industry is witnessing the arrival of massive device connections, and emerging new services and scenarios, and celebrating the fifth generation of mobile communications.


Mobile communications has brought about profound changes in people's lives. In order to cope with a burst of traffic growth in 2020, the industry is witnessing the arrival of massive device connections, and emerging new services and scenarios, and celebrating the fifth generation of mobile communications.

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Teledyne LeCroy Announces OCP v2.0 SSD Compliance Testing support

Teledyne LeCroy | February 13, 2023

The global leader in protocol test and measurement solutions, Teledyne LeCroy, announced compliance testing support for the second version of the OCP Datacenter NVMe SSD Specification (v2.0) inside the OakGate SSD test platform and from Austin Labs' testing services. OCP v2.0 expands upon OCP v1.0a by introducing new and improved validation testing criteria. In addition, LeCroy's new OCP v2.0 compliance software package offers unmatched capability, speed, and usability for evaluating enterprise-class storage devices. OCP v2.0 was created to enhance workload throughput and decrease latency in hyper-scale applications. Validating SSD compliance and functioning guarantees the maximum performance achievable. Using LeCroy's OCP v2.0 Cloud SSD Software Suite to test for compliance simplifies validation. Hardware Systems Engineer at Meta, Ross Stenfort, said, "The OCP Datacenter NVMe SSD 2.0 Specification is a collaboration of hyperscaler's and OEMs to enable SSDs with improved time to market, quality and increased features in the industry."He added, "Teledyne LeCroy supporting this specification will enable suppliers to validate against the updated industry specification." (Source – PR Newswire) Austin Labs, the initial third-party test and validation facility for storage devices, provides tailored OCP (v1.0a and v2.0) Cloud SSD testing services to enable clients to bring thoroughly tested products to market on time and within budget. In addition, Austin Labs services from Teledyne LeCroy are intended for highly rapid corporate product testing, interoperability, and validation. About Teledyne LeCroy Teledyne LeCroy is a prominent maker of innovative oscilloscopes, protocol analyzers, and other test equipment that swiftly and thoroughly check performance, confirm compliance, and troubleshoot complicated electrical systems. Since its establishment in 1964, the company has prioritized incorporating potent tools into creative solutions that accelerate "Time-to-Insight." As a result, time-to-market for a broad range of applications and end markets is drastically improved by a quicker time-to-insight, allowing users to quickly detect and rectify flaws in complex electronic systems. LeCroy, with headquarters in Chestnut Ridge, New York, has sales, service, and research & development subsidiaries throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia. The semiconductor, consumer electronics, computer, military/aerospace, automotive/industrial, and telecommunications sectors use LeCroy's products.

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Ayar Labs to Showcase First 4TBPS WDM Solution at OFC 2023

Ayar Labs | March 03, 2023

Ayar Labs, a pioneer in the use of silicon photonics for chip-to-chip optical connectivity, recently announced that it would demonstrate the industry's first four terabit-per-second (Tbps) bi-directional Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) solution at the Optical Fiber Communication Conference (OFC) taking place in San Diego from March 5-9, 2023. In collaboration with GlobalFoundries, Lumentum, Macom, Sivers Photonics, and other leading high-volume manufacturing and supply partners, the company has reached this latest milestone in delivering the optical interconnects required for data-intensive applications. Separately, the company and its partner Quantifi Photonics made an announcement at OFC regarding a CW-WDM-compliant testing platform for its SuperNovaTM light source. In-package optical I/O uniquely modifies the system design's power and performance trajectories by allowing compute, memory, and network silicon to connect with a fraction of the power and significantly improved performance, latency, and reach compared to existing electrical I/O solutions. Presented in a compact, co-packaged CMOS chiplet, optical I/O becomes the foundation of next-generation artificial intelligence, dense 6G telecommunications systems, disaggregated data centers, phased array sensory systems, and more. At OFC, Ayar Labs will present the first public demonstration of its optical I/O solution, moving data at 2.048 TBPS in each direction from one TeraPHYTM optical I/O chiplet to another, fueled by their SuperNovaTM light source. SuperNovaTM enables eight fiber optic links (employing 64 highly accurate wavelengths running at 32 GBPS, with 256 GBPS per individual fiber for eight wavelengths) to operate error-free with a latency of less than 10ns and without the need for Forward Error Correction (FEC). This permits a total bandwidth of 2.048 TBPS in each direction or 4.096 TBPS in both directions. Notably, the data transfer consumes less than five pJ/bit (10W) of energy, an incredible degree of energy efficiency, offering the power density and performance per watt required for AI models with trillions of variables, advanced HPC designs, and other applications. About Ayar Labs Ayar Labs is a tech company disrupting traditional computing power and performance curves with light-based technology. The company was established in 2015 and is based in Santa Clara, California. Using their patented silicon photonics approach, the company replaces electrical-based I/O with high-speed, efficient optical interconnects and multi-wavelength lasers. The company's disruptive technology enables groundbreaking design breakthroughs for trillions of AI connections, 6G, disaggregated data centers, phased array sensory systems, and more. It is backed by leading venture capital and strategic investors such as GlobalFoundries, Intel Capital, and NVIDIA.

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Alkira Achieves AWS Networking Competency Status for Network Connectivity Category

Alkira | February 17, 2023

Cloud networking pioneer Alkira has achieved Amazon Web Services (AWS) Networking Competency status in the Network Connectivity category. The designation acknowledges that Alkira has demonstrated AWS technical expertise and customer successes as a Software as a Service (SaaS) network provider. Alkira CEO and Co-founder, Amir Khan, said, "Alkira, recognized by AWS as a true network SaaS offering, is built for the cloud and consumed as a service with no hardware or software to install—ever." He added, "All you have to do is draw and deploy your network from our digital design canvas, and you’re up and running in no time." (Source: Businesswire) Alkira's fully automated global unified network infrastructure allows organizations to connect to AWS and Amazon Virtual Private Clouds via an intuitive point-and-click interface within minutes. Alkira's pay-as-you-go SaaS offering delivers agility, scale, and cost-effectiveness to organizations that want to connect, unify, and scale their network to AWS infrastructure. Alkira is available on the AWS Marketplace. About Alkira Alkira is regarded as a pioneer in cloud networking as a service. Their enterprise network is entirely cloud-based, connecting multiple clouds, sites, and users. The network is managed using familiar network administrator controls, policies, and security, and it can scale instantly as needed. This network is provided as a service, so there is no need to install new hardware, download software, or learn a new cloud architecture. Alkira's solution is trusted by Fortune 100 companies, leading system integrators, and global managed service providers.

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