Application Infrastructure

MaxLinear announces three new modules in Infrastructure Applications that simplify FPGA, DSP and SoC power management designs

MaxLinear a main supplier of radio recurrence (RF), simple, advanced and blended sign coordinated circuits, reported today the expansion of its double yield power module family with the arrival of a double 18A (MxL7218) and two double 25A (MxL7225 and MxL7225-1) power modules. These recently delivered items add to the current group of intensity modules that incorporate double 4A (MxL7204) and double 13A (MxL7213) forms and address mechanical applications, for example, clinical and test gear. Moreover, these force modules supplement our industry driving foundation items, for example, 5G handsets and modems, long stretch optical TIAs and drivers, and link framework SoCs.

The double 18A and two double 25A force modules permit yields to be resembled for up to 36A or 50A per module, individually. Also, the force modules might be resembled for single force rails up to 300A. The MxL7225-1 gives added adaptability to tweak the control circle in situations where ideal transient execution is required.

Zeroed in on fueling FPGA, DSP and SoC high-current center and memory rails, these modules work from a 4.5V to 15V information voltage while giving set yield voltages from 0.6V to 1.8V. Utilizing an industry standard pinout, planners can without much of a stretch scale the force levels to coordinate the necessary burden. As force levels increment, productivity and warm execution gets key. Not exclusively do these modules have superb warm conductivity to the board, however by setting inductors remotely and limiting mold compound thickness, the case temperature can be as much as 13°C cooler without the complex inner warmth sinking structures found in contending modules.



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