Kofax's Printix Takes a Leap Forward with Integrated Print and Capture Solution

Kofax | March 13, 2023 | Read time : 01:20 min


Kofax, a leading Intelligent Automation platform for digital workflow transformation, recently announced the latest version of Printix, its cloud print management SaaS offering. Printix helps organizations with their all-cloud strategies and eliminates the need for print server infrastructure by giving them a full print infrastructure and environment that improves efficiency and productivity and saves money.

Printix supports Single Sign-on (SSO) with Microsoft Azure Active Directory and is deployable with Microsoft Endpoint Manager. The product is made to be scalable and can handle any number of users, multi-function devices (MFDs) and printers for mobile printing, secure and flexible printing, and document capture workflows.

Key features of Kofax Printix summarized:

  • Next-generation capture:  scan or capture documents to the Printix Cloud and generate PDFs
  • Simple print management : manage centrally, the printers from web browsers; connect new printers from a computer, tablet  or a smartphone
  • Print-later and print-anywhere capabilities: Users can send documents to a printer from the Printix app when they get to the printer or release documents at any time with the Print Later feature.
  • Automatic printer discovery: As users come and go, Printix lets users automatically find the print network, integrate printers and drivers, and set up or get rid of printers and print queues
  • Advanced Microsoft integration: Printix works well with Microsoft Azure Active Directory and can be easily set up with EndPoint Manager and Single Sign-On. This gives users, confidence and takes away the need for IT and administration work.
  • Complete support for network printers: Users can print to any printer from any device, as the system supports a diversified range of devices from different manufacturers

Rod Hughes, Vice President, Product Strategy at Kofax said, "This edition of Printix completely eliminates print servers from network infrastructure and replaces them with a secure, cloud-managed print infrastructure with next-generation integrated capture."

(Source – Business Wire)

About Kofax

Kofax founded in 1985 and headquartered in Irvine (California), Kofax digitally transform content-intensive workflows. They provide a software platform for intelligent automation and a number of solutions that are meant to digitally change business workflows. Their software platform uses advanced technologies like cognitive capture, analytics, robotic process automation (RPA), process orchestration, and mobile capabilities to help businesses become more competitive, grow, and make more profits. Their platform also helps businesses become more resilient by making it easy for them to adjust quickly to changing market conditions and reduce compliance risks.


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Zeeve Partners with Polygon Labs, Becoming a Key Infrastructure Provider, and Implementation Partner for Polygon Supernets

Globenewswire | May 11, 2023

Zeeve, a top-tier Web3 Infrastructure as a Service platform compliant with ISO 27001, SOC2 Type2, and GDPR standards, has joined forces with Polygon Labs to serve as a key infrastructure provider and implementation partner for Polygon Supernets. This aims to simplify the deployment and management of app-chains on Polygon Supernets, making it easier for businesses and developers to launch their own Blockchain along with the necessary infrastructure like explorer, wallet, faucet, etc. in no time. In simple terms, Supernets let projects and enterprises create highly scalable Layer3 blockchain networks that fit their specific blockspace requirements while inheriting the security and integrity of the Polygon PoS and Ethereum mainnet. Supernet’s strong points, including customizable virtual machines, compliance implementation choices, native gas tokens, and custom fee structures, make it an ideal platform for developers to build on. With this integration and implementation support, Zeeve is expanding the benefits of its dependable enterprise-grade infrastructure stack to all those seeking to harness Polygon Supernets for their dApp, along with 24k+ developers and 100+ institutions already on the Zeeve platform. "We are pleased to announce our collaboration with Zeeve Inc. as a Supernets Implementation Partner. Zeeve's strong capabilities in enterprise-grade AppChain deployments and dedication to innovation and excellence resonate well with our values at Polygon. Working together, we aim to deliver scalable, secure, and efficient Supernets AppChains infrastructure solutions while striving to enhance our services for our clients. This partnership enables us to offer various services, including implementing, deploying, and maintaining Supernets AppChains, focusing on meeting our client's needs and promoting adopting AppChains technologies responsibly and sustainably," said Sunny Kaiwar, Sr. Solution Architect, Head of Implementation Partners. “We're thrilled to join forces with Polygon Labs and become an integral part of the Supernets partners eco-system,” said Dr Ravi Chamria co-founder and CEO of Zeeve. "With Supernets, developers can build blockchains customized for their dApp, keeping in mind their workloads and required services. And with Zeeve’s automated no-code deployment architecture helping you with 1-click bootstrapping of nodes, you can focus on Go-to-market and user strategies while we manage the underlying infrastructure.” Zeeve's comprehensive support for Polygon Supernets offers numerous advantages, including Migration assistance (6.X to 8.X) and compatibility with new Supernets versions (8.X) Secure RPC API endpoints to connect with Supernets. Smart contracts, validator allow listing, Block explorer, and indexer support for Supernet networks. Native cross-chain bridge plugin support, flexible autoscaling, load balancing, and disaster recovery of nodes Associated infrastructure components including explorer, wallet and faucet Advanced monitoring system for machines, blockchain networks, and smart contracts management Marketplace for Supernet validators, In-depth configuration support for tokenomics and asset management “Supernets give you the flexibility of Permissioned blockchains along with the security and decentralization inherent in a public blockchain,” said Ghan Vashishtha co-founder and CTO of Zeeve. “Working with Zeeve makes the development, deployment, and maintenance of Supernet-based networks a breeze. Taking advantage of Polygon Supernets’ features on Zeeve, developers can efficiently build enterprise-grade dApps across diverse sectors such as DeFi, gaming, entertainment, and more. Our commitment to optimizing developer workflows ultimately leads to a superior user experience on a broader scale.” To bring Web3 to the masses, it's crucial to simplify blockchain development while ensuring scalability and app-specific customization. Polygon Supernet represents a substantial advancement toward achieving this goal, and Zeeve is playing a vital role in its implementation. Zeeve's battle-tested infrastructure stack, coupled with its team of world-class blockchain experts and a proven track record of deploying over 4,000+ nodes across 40+ protocols, positions them as a valuable contributor to the Web3 ecosystem. About Zeeve Zeeve is the leading Institutional staking and Web3 infrastructure provider in the world. Zeeve provides enterprise-grade web3 infrastructure, including full nodes and staking infrastructure for 40+ Blockchain protocols. Zeeve’s robust and reliable Web3 infrastructure platform has won the trust of thousands of web3 startups and investors across geographies. With 24,000+ developers, 100+ large enterprises, and 4,000+ nodes, Zeeve is the preferred developer and staking infrastructure provider for all the popular Blockchain protocols.

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GI Partners Announces Acquisition of 12800 Culver Boulevard for its Essential Tech + Science Fund

prnewswire | April 13, 2023

GI Partners, a leading private alternatives investment firm, has announced the acquisition of 12800 Culver Boulevard in Los Angeles, CA on behalf of its Essential Tech + Science Fund (GI Partners ETS Fund LP, the "ETS Fund"). The property's data center facilities and communications network are crucial to the technology operations of a leading provider of premium digital video services across the U.S. The property's substantial data center and network infrastructure include advanced electrical and mechanical equipment, extensive fiber connectivity, and satellite arrays. The improvements are built on a rare 13-acre site in West Los Angeles. John Sheputis, Managing Director, and Rahul Chandiok, Principal, of GI Partners said, "We are pleased to announce the acquisition of this mission critical asset. This impressive and unique facility provides large scale data storage and high capacity digital content distribution for millions of customers. The property is a great fit for the ETS Fund given the long-term cash flow profile, advantaged location, market leading tenant, and significantly above-standard digital infrastructure improvements." CBRE Capital Markets represented the seller on this transaction. Since launching in 2021, the ETS Fund has acquired twenty properties and is actively investing in a diverse portfolio of data centers, life sciences properties, and "Always On" facilities across key markets in the United States. About GI Partners Founded in 2001, GI Partners is a private investment firm with over 150 employees and offices in San Francisco, New York, Dallas, Chicago, Greenwich, Scottsdale, and London. The firm has raised more than $40 billion in capital and invests on behalf of leading institutional investors around the world through its private equity, real estate, and data infrastructure strategies. The private equity team invests primarily in companies in the healthcare, services, and software sectors. The real estate team focuses primarily on technology and life sciences properties as well as other specialized types of real estate. The data infrastructure team invests primarily in hard asset infrastructure businesses underpinning the digital economy.

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Pure Storage Helps MediaZen Master Demands of Unstructured Data and Accelerate AI Innovation

prnewswire | May 24, 2023

Pure Storage the IT pioneer that delivers the world's most advanced data storage technology and services, announced that MediaZen, a leading artificial intelligence (AI)-based voice recognition provider in South Korea, is leveraging FlashBlade®, its unified fast file and object storage platform, to accelerate time to market for new AI services and enhance R&D capabilities that propel AI innovation and competitiveness. Customer Challenge MediaZen's leading voice recognition solutions serve customers across industries including automotive, education, public service, retail, and telecommunications. Driven by operations in its NAMZ Language Engineering Research Institute and the Magok R&D Center, MediaZen is at the cutting edge of AI-enabled voice recognition technologies, with a goal to become the leading provider of AI services in South Korea. In order to accelerate innovation across its AI R&D capabilities, the company required a data storage solution that could develop faster training data and combine training results in its AI advancement research tasks. However, MediaZen faced difficulties scaling GPU clusters due to the limited flexibility of its legacy storage solution, as well as the inability to process large volumes of unstructured data and AI workloads effectively. Customer Impact MediaZen selected FlashBlade for its high performance parallel processing architecture, superior I/O performance, and simple management and upgradability. Benefits Pure Storage delivers to MediaZen include Accelerated Time to Market: MediaZen has reduced voice recognition modeling tasks that previously took up to 12 months to two weeks (96% enhancement) with FlashBlade, and new speech recognition models were created in just four weeks with high-speed shared storage that can support a multi-GPU distributed processing environment. Simple, Efficient Storage Management: Data movement between GPUs and storage, and within shared storage environments, can now be processed at high speeds, while integrated networking reduces storage complexity and enables efficient operation of compute and storage environments with no extra headcount. Enhanced R&D Capabilities to Propel AI Innovation: With FlashBlade, MediaZen created a new infrastructure environment to advance its AI R&D and to develop and expand services that are specific to market needs, providing a foundation for global growth. As a result, MediaZen has seen remarkable growth by providing diverse markets with AI-powered voice and language services. Executive Insight "With FlashBlade, MediaZen now has the infrastructure to advance its AI services to meet current and future market demands. Tasks involving STT modeling that would have taken up to 12 months to complete using the legacy equipment were completed in just 2 weeks with the aid of Pure Storage's solutions. We at MediaZen are thrilled with the superb performance of FlashBlade, and the simple operation and maintenance of it that requires no additional headcount to manage." -- Yoon JongSung, Deputy Director, NAMZ AI R&D Group, MediaZen "The AI era has arrived, and the need for modern all-flash storage systems to support large-scale AI workloads and advanced data analytics is increasing daily. To support market leaders including MediaZen innovating and growing their businesses, we at Pure Storage will deliver higher performance, capacity density, and reliability with our differentiated flash technology." -- Jaesung Yoo, Managing Director, Pure Storage Korea About Pure Storage Pure Storage uncomplicates data storage, forever. Pure delivers a cloud experience that empowers every organization to get the most from their data while reducing the complexity and expense of managing the infrastructure behind it. Pure's commitment to providing true storage as-a-service gives customers the agility to meet changing data needs at speed and scale, whether they are deploying traditional workloads, modern applications, containers, or more. Pure believes it can make a significant impact in reducing data center emissions worldwide through its environmental sustainability efforts, including designing products and solutions that enable customers to reduce their carbon and energy footprint. And with the highest Net Promoter Score in the industry, Pure's ever-expanding list of customers are among the happiest in the world.

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